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  1. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    [shamelessplug] Lads and lasses, some of you had previously expressed interest to me in some custom gear. This is me saying that I'm back open for business for the summer. I'll be able to build stuff only until about the beginning of August, so if you want stuff, get to me sooner rather than later. Pictures of a few past highlights can be seen here: http://photobucket.com/SoldierUpGear . I have a few standard things, but I can do true custom as well (to an extent...). Thank you for your time. :-P [/shamelessplug]
  2. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    I'll see what I can do. That would be a bit difficult to make because of the mesh and the vest shape. I'll get back to you.
  3. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    New stuff: Hydro pouch with added patch panel. Drop leg platform. The holster is old—just the platform is new. And for those who expressed interest in my gear previously, I'm open for business again.
  4. gonzo1

    Pics of your Gear

    All made by yours truly:
  5. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Had a bit of time to throw some stuff together thus far over the break. MJK-ish M14 mag pouches: Multicam admin pouch: Low-profile suspenders: M14 stock pad/mag pouch and sling:
  6. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Check out rockywoods.com for cordura. ETA: That drop pouch looks great! Well done.
  7. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    You can use kevlar thread, but it's unnecessary. It also costs more. I've heard it's also better to keep your materials mostly the same. If you're sewing kevlar, by all means use kevlar thread, but nylon thread might be better for nylon fabrics/webbing.
  8. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Yeah, you won't be able to use anything from wallyworld. You'll want at least a #69 bonded thread like ChickenZombie said. Use the absolute biggest needle that your machine will run— you'll break fewer needles, and the machine will generally just run smoother. Also, turn the top tension all the way up. You might need to help it out a bit by lightly holding the thread before it enters the machine to provide added tension, too. If you're creative, it's not hard to figure out an external tensioner so that you don't have to sit there and hold the thread.... As for brands of thread, I get mine from www.thethreadexchange.com, or something like that. Look at the bonded nylon threads. I've gone through several cones of their thread, and it's all good stuff.
  9. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    I really don't mean to monopolize this thread, but I'm going to for a moment anyway. Since I've been getting a fair amount of PM's about custom gear, etc., I just want to put this somewhere public to save all of us some time. As much as I appreciate the interest in my gear, I'm afraid academia calls and I must answer. The day-to-day effect of this is that I can't take any orders until this school year is over. So, if you have an idealized piece of gear you're absolutely dying to have, feel free to brainstorm it and write it down, and I'll see what we can do with it once I get back. Thanks much gents! You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming....
  10. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Thanks for the kind words, guys. Man inkjet, that's a killer deal! An teammate of mine said his mom has an industrial machine that she'll give me, only problem is that he lives 4 hrs away.... Nope, I don't use a binding attachment. I'm kindof glad too, because it's given me reason to explore other methods of construction that don't require binding. For instance, I shifted to making all my mag pouches like the coyote M14 pouch you see. Removing the binding step cuts out a pretty big chunk of time, and IMO it looks better in no-bind form. Justin, if all goes well, yours should be much closer to being done by the end of the day.
  11. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Looks great man. I'd love to see some more detail on the rig. I'm very jealous of your machine, too. Here's my latest PC: I made everything you're seeing. 3) 2x m4 mag pouches 1) 2x m14 mag pouch 2) 2x pistol mag pouches Saber radio pouch Hydration carrier 1911 holster Multi-tool pouch
  12. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Nicely done man! I'll be posting some of my latest stuff up soon.
  13. gonzo1

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Never been one for painting handguns, but that looks pretty darn cool.
  14. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    I don't want to monopolize this thread, so please PM me if you're interested in ordering gear. I'll tell you now, though, I'm not taking orders at the moment. Yes, it's all made by me in the US.
  15. gonzo1

    Custom Gear

    Soldier-Up Gear is me. I'd be happy to make just about anything you want, but I'm not taking any more orders ATM. Got to get caught up with what I've got before I add more to the plate.

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