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    Weapons: Inokatsu M60/ CA M249/ RPK/ 2x M4/ 3x AK 74/ M14/ MP5/ VSR-G-spec/ ect ect ect

    Gear: 2x CIRAS vests....of forget it. I to much crap to list here.
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  1. Interesting. My friend pick one up and was asking me some questions about it. I think I'll have to refer him to your article.
  2. INteresteding idea....I'll have to try that sometime.
  3. Hey thanks for that review. I was going to pick one up....but now I'll pass. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. I just might have to pick one out as well.
  5. Well I’m one of those who have been affected by the rule. Regardless on how you feel about it (and yes I think it sucks to) there is nothing you can do about it. Armies Forums is one of the world’s most popular airsoft forums out there. As such I think the mods have every right to protect the forums as they see fit for the betterment of this community. I would also like to remind some of you that the majority of us are just guests and should respect the new rule. It is not your God-given-right to have access to these forums…it is a privilege to be given access. Yes it sucks for all
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