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  1. not had a proper shufty on here for a good while. i'm relatively new and have a fox of teh dessert pistol. only been to the odd airsoft event over the last decade or so. i recognise some of the old crew (but whatever happened to r22master, antagon, crazy_harry and TaQ? answers on a postcard plz ;) )
  2. doing a project - buying all the parts back and making an old lego castle i used to have when i was a kid..... seriously...... why on earth is lego so addictive? :I
  3. just wanna get today over with. mother-in-laws funeral today :/
  4. ghostbusters? nope...... no idea what a proton pack is.... *ahem* (although to be honest i have been contemplating making one of the RGB proton packs for a while )
  5. when you get re-acquainted with something from your childhood........ fighting fantasy books! god i forgot how much fun these were
  6. believe it or not, carrying it through the doorway so i could paint it outside (comes in 4 parts) he's worth it though
  7. what made me happy today? finally finished the dalek build.... on the downside i think i've busted my back doing it.... :/
  8. the skins of various victims..... NOW PUT THE LOTION IN THE F***ING BASKET!!!!! *ahem*
  9. might as well throw my 2 cents in here (considering that i was the one originally suggested and instigated the rule when i was a moderator back in '07 or so) the 100 post rule was set up back then as at the time there were a multitude of scammers turning up, putting items for sale and then fleecing members out of money and magically disappearing. back then the forums were quite busy and social media sites were in their infancy and with the vcrb clamping down on people buying and selling airsoft items without a valid defence, steps had to be taken in order to protect members from being ripped o
  10. what made me happy? great day yesterday, lovely weather and the chance to walk down the promenade and get people randomly singing "GHOSTBUSTERS!" to you when you walk past
  11. well..... i suck at fiberglassing. ¬_¬ (true story....)
  12. great googa mooga! just realised this topics been going for 12 years!!!!
  13. what made me smile today? realising that this bloody things nearly finished.....
  14. just a few bits i still have in the filing cabinet from back then....
  15. ohhhhhhhh....... verra nice!
  16. yup. sadly no longer have it (still got the spas mind ....)
  17. me and my spas 12 folder from 5 years ago (and yes, the shepherds crook is braced beneath my forerarm
  18. ooooh! just downloaded the dalek plans booklet. can't decide whether or not to make 1 full sized dalek or 2 half sized daleks. then there's the color scheme. i like the dark grey from the pertwee onwards era, but i like the white and gold of the later imperials. decisions decisions.....
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