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  1. would just like to say thanks for all the info on the upcoming factory releases :)

  2. Pimp out your profile Red :P


  3. Pimp up your profile mate :P


  4. obi whan how did you do that spray paint job? its ******* sweet ! Quil
  5. true but i was mainly trying to think of a catagory for the pic
  6. maybe abit plain but still i know the G36c aint too good at sniping lol but its mainly for looks and its allright as a medium/low sniper Quil
  7. mercilesspitt thats some awsome designing *wants* i nearly died laughing at some of the designs would be kool if someone started up an airsoft hybrid factory based on some of these designs and sold them commercially lol would turn the world of airsoft topsy-turvy lol Quil
  8. *sigh* some people was only trying to help.... Quil
  9. wrong section of the forums m8
  10. patches would be frickin awsome Quil
  11. excuse me but why are we getting rid of the rep system or are is rep powers now only granted to mods and admins? i found it quite useful to be fair..... cheers for the info Quil
  12. its an ok idea but for example if its like 5 o clock in the evening and everyone goes on the forums for their daily dose of arniesairsoft and lots of people read a newcomers "hi" and start pm'ing him thus creating about 50 pm's for the newcomer and also once he has his account unlocked he will have to remember to post a reply to the "hi" topic to say his account is unlocked otherwise he might be reciveing pm's for hi's eversince he registered which would be quite an inconviniance to some people, just thought i would point that out nice idea tho cheers Quil
  13. nice one arnie m8 luv ya Cheers Quil
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