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  1. The title says gear also so here is my 1973 dated PRC-77 radio. It was originally repainted but I took that off and brought back the original paint (its pretty obvious why it was repainted). None of the wear is artificial. I just bought a vietnam Lightweight Rucksack so when I recieve that in the mail, the radio will be attached to the frame using a cargo shelf (which was common it Vietnam).
  2. I just want to point something out about the wood stock. I dont know if it was changed (I got my G&G M14 a year ago) but the wood is not naturally dark. G&G put some kind of brown paint on the wood to make it look like walnut. Since my M14 is used just about every week, the paint started to come off and look like ######. I just scraped it off and stained the wood. The wood is a nice quality but its not naturally dark like walnut.
  3. Well, the M14 started out as a G&G M14 Veteran but to make the wood stock look like walnut, G&G put a type of brown paint on the wood, which looked like ###### after some of the paint started to come off. I hated the look of the paint coming off so I scraped off the paint, which took a few hours, then stained the wood. I also switched the cheap plastic handguard it came with for a USGI one which is a bit darker brown. Some of the parts like the buttstock, stock liner screws and rear buttstock swivel are real M1A parts. Overall I am very happy with how my M14 came out.
  4. 101Matt, a M1A / M14 operating rod (which is the real gun name for the cocking handle) might work on a airsoft replica with some sanding and filing. The real one is the same exact design as the airsoft ones but the dimentions might not be 100% correct. Fulton Armory is selling USGI operating rods for $250, so if you can get one for $20, which I still very highly doubt, get a few and sell them. You can easily get $150 - 175 for one.
  5. accidental second post.
  6. A M14 bolt is that thing that looks like a cover (that usually covers the hop-up on AEGs) and $10 for that is very very very very very low. A real M14 Bolt will deffinetly not work on any airsoft M14 replica Ive seen. A cocking handle, which is what you need, will probably cost the same or more. A real M1A or M14 front sight alone costs around $10 and a real M1A bolt costs over $100. A M1A cocking handle is basicly the same design as the airsoft ones and might fit with some filing and machine tools. EDIT: Link isnt working. Anyway type M1A (which is basicly a civilian M14) bolt in o
  7. I dont think a real M14 bolt will work on a airsoft rifle. And $10 is way too low for a real M1A or M14 bolt.
  8. Holy *beep*. Im usually not a fan of G36 style weapons but that gun is amazing.
  9. M14

    1911 Picture Thread

    KSC M1911 (Full Metal)
  10. G&G M14 with wood stock and heatshield KSC full metal M1911 with wood grips
  11. M14

    1911 Picture Thread

    My somewhat new KSC M1911A1 Full Metal. For some reason the slide looks all scratched up. Its not in real life and you can real the trades perfectly.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MPYNRvt8Ms I didnt make that video but know the person who did and my Inokatsu M60A1 and G&G M14 Veteran are in the beggining and I can be sort of heard and seen saying "what the *fruitcage*" (if you turn the volume up a lot) after being shot in the stomach a few times by the guy with the gun cam (after I threw some small rocks at the enemy and running around with a stick, trying and sucseding in surrending little kids with it, after running out of ammo in my M60 but sadly thats not in the video) at the end of the video. EDIT Link didnt work
  13. Im pretty sure the Hudson M3A1 Grease Gun was discontinued so heres mine with a real M3 lower dust cover. And my Inokatsu M60A1 (Full Steel Version) AEG.
  14. Or... Unscrew the gas cylinder plug, unscrew the gas cylinder lock, slide the gas cylinder away from the front band, slide the front band away from the heatshield and then slide the heatshield off of the barrel. If you have no idea what Im talking about, look at this diagram. http://www.chestnutridge.com/14pic.asp . I take the handguard off the way I just wrote because I find it easier.
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