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    Yeah 100 round belts of M60 ammo come pre packaged in a cardboard box which you can them put in a pouch attach to the M60 hanger. (two carboard 100rd M60 boxes fit in one 30 cal ammo can)
  2. M14

    1K club

    Im in the 3k club.
  3. M14

    Unholy Fusions

    I dont know what the hell I created. Its a M16 / BAR /Thompson M1A1 / M14 / M60 / M3 Grease Gun.
  4. I want a AK-47 pretty bad but just after spending close to 3 grand on a Inokatsu M60 its going to be a while untill I will have enough spare cash for one. I will only buy one with (or buy seperatly) real wood and metal body. Does anyone have the G&G RK47? 300 bucks aint bad for a real wood, all metal AK.
  5. M14

    1911 Picture Thread

    The wear and tear is pretty much from me using it every weekend. I didnt put put it on.
  6. Notice how the pegboard is in a closet. My (15 year old) sister and her friends wont stop playing with the guns (then say the guns scrare them) so I was forced to lock them up in a closet. The rest of my gear is in the boiler room or under the table in the picture.
  7. Matt, you should get a shotgun for your SWAT loadout.
  8. Gyrojet, which was used limitedly during Vietnam. It was pretty much a total failure but basicly it used 13mm mini rockets instead of a bullet in a casing. It would be cool though to have a airsoft pistol that shot 13mm foam rockets or BB buckshot and operated like a airsoft M203. http://www.shootingtips.com/NewFiles/artic...gyrojet-Mk2.jpg
  9. You may want to buy some Vietnam era web gear instead of that (what looks like a) BAR belt. Also I would reccomend that you dont write so much on your gear. Since you arnt accually in Vietnam you cant really tell what those guys were thinking, sometimes I see someone and they have some riddiculous thing written on their helmet that no guy in Nam would probably write. Same thing with the stuff on the helmet band, lots of guys werent even issued one. I am a complete nut about authenticity, I even wear original (unissued ofcource) Vietnam era boxers. Im trying to help you out, not insult you or
  10. I finally got a decent picture of my M14. I know its not much compared to some other peoples M14s but I go for a Vietnam look. G&G M14 Veteran w/ Wood Heatshield & real M14 parts.
  11. The gun I put the G&P body on was a Classic Army M15A1 Vietnam, I was sick of the ugly CA "VN" body so I bought the G&P VN body for a TM. The gearbox trasfered perfectly to the G&P body and was pretty tight so it does jiggle or anything. The problems came when I transfered the outer barrel and delta ring. Only the G&P VN delta ring (that only comes with the G&P VN handguard & front set, which is $100) fits the G&P VN body. I didnt feel like spending $100 just for the delta ring (I already had the VN style handguard since I was installing the body on a CA M15A1) so I
  12. My (Growing) Vietnam Gun Collection Hudson M3A1 Grease Gun My Classic Army M16A1 w/ G&P VN Metal Body. G&G M14 Veteran w/ Wood Heatshield & Real Gun Parts WE M1911 w/ Colt Markings & Wood Grips Inokatsu M60A1 (Full Steel Version) comming before June .
  13. There is a few reasons, the ugly (unrealistic) trademarks, the crappy looking gray body, the forward assist (early models didnt have one), and some other things. CA pretty much took a A2 body, painted it some ugly gray color and put those ridiculous trademarks and put "M15A1" on it (instead of M15A2).
  14. My Classic Army M15A1 Vietnam w/ G&P M16A1 VN Metal Body (and some other upgrades). Only the G&P M16A1 VN handguard delta ring fits the G&P M16A1 VN metal body but since the classic Army delta ring was the same threads (just different starter threads or something ) I rethreaded the metal body and made it fit (it also saved my $100 even though it was a pain in the *albatross* to get on). It doesnt look that good compared to everyone elses M16s but I go for a authentic Vietnam look so I dont want all the fancy stuff on my gun.
  15. I think lots of people will buy the new CA M14. RedWolf Airsoft is selling it for $239.00 which is almost $100 less than the TM. The CA M14 Scout (SOCOM 16) is $259.00.
  16. I dont think they will really care if I do it for a few pictutrs. It sounded like I did something really bad, calm down.
  17. What the hell is hot-linking?
  18. Kpist M/45 Submachine Gun The gun was used by Special Forces in Vietnam and I collect Vietnam airsoft guns. It wouldnt be a easy gun to custom make and a GBB version would probably be the coolest.
  19. M14

    Unholy Fusions

    I didnt photoshop the gun above. I just think it looks like someone did. Its a real gun though, heres a linky. http://world.guns.ru/machine/mg41-e.htm
  20. M14

    Unholy Fusions

    I think I did the best job on the photoshoping. I was supprised how real it looked after I was done. I just took a bunch of parts from odd weapons and got this.
  21. Im not 100% positive but Im pretty sure the TM and other M14s arnt able to take as many real steel parts. My G&G Veteran has a real steel spindle valve, butt plate, rear sling adaptor, and a few other parts. I was supprised how easy they went on. I even put a wood heatshield on my M14 instead of the fiberglass one. I just like haveing real gun parts on my M14.
  22. No, my bolt wiggles too. Its just the way its made. Ive has my G&G Veteran for a while and Ive had no major problems. Just watch out for the front sight, spindle valve, and gas piston parts, they will fall off after a while if your not carefull and dont tighten them after they loosen a bit.
  23. I own a G&G Veteran also and love it. The wood on the gun though has a walnut "finish" which will scrape off eventually. I took the finish totally off and heres how it looks. It looks a lot better in person. The G&G M14s are so good you can switch certain parts off for real M14 parts.
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