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  1. Thats some of the gear from my basic Vietnam Light Infantry loadout. Only thing not in picture is my (real) M6 Bayonet and M8A1 scabbard. Vietnam era field gear is like MOLLE. Ive got a bunch of different pouches and you can customize you belt just as much as you can to a MOLLE vest as long as you got enough pouches. And believe it or not authentic Vietnam gear is pretty expensive. Im not talking about chinese made rip-offs, Im talking about the real U.S. issue gear that now over 40 years old. Everything in the picture (besides the airsoft guns) is authentic Vietnam era gear. Even the patches
  2. Heres an old picture of my M14 and a little bit of my Vietnam gear. Everything on the belt is authentic Vietnam era U.S. issue gear. The M14 is a G&G M14 Veteran with the walnut "finish" removed from the real wood, a walnut wood smooth heatshield (like early M14s used) and some stock harware replaced with real stock hardware. I am going for a authentic Vietnam look so the M14 isnt so fancy. http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d146/Bla...26/IMG_6662.jpg
  3. M14

    1911 Picture Thread

    Im into Vietnam and realism so heres my WE M1911A1 w/ Colt Markings and real wood grips.
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