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    The zen of anger is all you need to master
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    They can't prosecute me anymore over this - 2001 :)
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    I'm a fekin' idiot why did you listen to me of all people....
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    Drogheda Ireland
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    Diesil engines, guns, fishing, guns, poker, guns, toy soilders, guns, 1971 plymouth 'Cuda , books by John Ringo, David Webber and David Drake, guns, tanks,vodka (peppered), whiskey, guns, attempting to learn Russe....

    Did I mention guns?

    Ok my Russian other half but many guns.... :^)
  1. Damn you, now I want to buy more revolvers
  2. Whale oil is a renewable bio-fuel :)

    1. FireKnife


      And man juice is a source of protein, so? :P

    2. renegadecow


      Slavery mo' betta.

  3. "As an extremist, I provide the valuable service of defining the boundaries, and neither apologize for disagreeing with the flock, nor try to rationalize why they persist in being wrong."

  4. 1 hour and the CAR-15 stock is reassembled and working once more - COLT WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!

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    2. TheFull9


      A few decades later: The UBR came along, and did the same job, much better.


      Hell it came up with a whole new job to do, smashed that, shot up the job centre, then made love to steve jobs' wife.

    3. DarkMM


      Let's be honest 2 years later they had the XM177/CAR-16 stock which was better and lasted 4 decades :)

    4. TheFull9


      I was purely thinking within the realms of adjustable solid stocks to be honest.

  5. decisions decisions, build a M653 from G&P parts and a TM donor or just buy an XM177E2 and the M653 for-end.

    1. hwagan


      Buy the XM and the front end. You'll sell the XM front end quickly because of the slim grips. And because G&P make the best V2 based AR AEG's available.

    2. Gigueand


      Seconded. I love my G&P M733.

    3. DarkMM


      then xm177e2 with m653 fore-end it is for the 70s and 80s vibe

  6. Knowledge is half the battle

    1. DarkMM


      The other half being the wanton slaughter of all those that oppose you and the lamination of their women.

    2. airsoftg36c


      That's exactly what I was about to say.

  7. Perhaps we're jaded but your villainy leaves us unimpressed.

  8. Are stereotypes still wrong when they're awesome?

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    2. Habakure


      My WE desert warrior agrees. Though it might be in the minority.

    3. Habakure


      My WE desert warrior agrees. Though it might be in the minority.

    4. DarkMM


      The above statement originates from the following page -




      And Fireknife, you forgot: play with toy guns.


      However no-one compares with alpha-nerd Navymp28 :)

  9. LCT is the top one - pinned gas block and the sight slidder will sit on the trunnion at ranges below 300m
  10. I like my women like my books

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    2. renegadecow


      Sweet Valley High?

    3. airsoftg36c


      @FireKnife...I do not appreciate... I was talking about women.

    4. Seraphim989


      Better safe than sorry

  11. Tea and cake or death!

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    2. paranoiddroid


      Dibs on the darjeeling.


    3. FireKnife


      How about some Lapsang Sushong?

    4. DarkMM


      As long as it appears in "Cup of Brown Joy" it's all good :)

  12. 22nd June, Barbarossa Day

    1. DarkMM


      otherwise known as - International Invading Russia is Not going to End Well Day

    2. FireKnife


      Like that plan would have worked. Yes while half our forces are involved in the other side of Europe lets invade the army with the largest amount of troops who live in the harshest conditions :P

  13. Today's lack of productivity has been countered with the help of the letters C, O, double F and double E

  14. Damn you tanks of war - where has my time gone .....however i do have a shiny new Stug3...... :)

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    2. -Angel-


      World of Tanks. Its a free downloadable game for the PC.

    3. Stuey


      You can pay if you like, but you don't have to. I think it's great. So you're a german fan then darkmm? I seem to have more russian tanks, no real reason.

      Do you get mad at the matchmaking like a lot of the forum members seem to? Personally I don't think it's that bad.

    4. DarkMM


      Well german so far - but I want to build to an IS-2 :) Cann't say I've seen particulary back match making, rather I see silly use of peoples equipment - it's like watching people trying to play counterstrike sometimes. But I admit some days I loose the run of myself too :).

  15. CAR15 arrives tomorrow. hihihihi :)

    1. FireKnife


      Nice, about the only Armalite i would ever go for, though in gas of course :P

    2. DarkMM


      I do admit a liking for the retro-AR shorties :)


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