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  1. I decided to go outside and take some First Line pics. This is really a Combination of First Line + DMR Essensitals. I will be adding a GP pouch on the back left to hold a few medical supplies and just general stuff. Kitlist: Blackwater IO Belt HSGI Suspenders 2x Noveske 12 oz hydration carriers (Which happen to fit 2 Vietnam size m16 mags in each pouch) Dump Pouch Small Radio Carrier Serpa Holster for 1911 w/ Molle adapter.
  2. Heres my new toy. She started her life as a KWA M4 Now after some hands of Nashville Airsoft this is what she is now!!!! King arms mk12 kit Promethius triple torque up gears Promethius 590mm inner barrel Systema Magnum Motor Shooting 500 with .25s
  3. its an echo1 i dont think it had much resale value anyway. im overall impressed with the gun. To each his own :-D If it had wood grips, i wouldn't have even THOUGHT about painting it
  4. Well... Doc went and did it!!! I didnt really think i would ever own an AK. But for this years Irene, i will be fighting on the FF side, so i figured i would follow along and pick me up the AK.
  5. Finished my scar VFC MK16 MOD0 SCAR
  6. i already own a black VFC scar.... but it didnt match my MC loadout. So i bought another VFC scar, this time in FDE
  7. few pics of my MC loadout.
  8. OH ya...... BOW DOWN!!!!! For your artsy folks :-P Death among Beauty
  9. never mind, i got it figured out. clicking on options and setting it back to "standard view" mods can give this the el-closo
  10. hey guys, im not sure if this is something server side, or on my side, but when i look at a thread now, instead of it showing all replies, it shows some sort of an indexed list of replies.. attached is a SS of what im talking about
  11. the 100 post rule works in come cases. but now, i think you will see an influx of meaningless post to get their post count up. ( tehehe, oh the irony!! this is my 100th post )
  12. Just got my PPA QD Suppressor in!! *drools*
  13. Not sure if i posted these. We had 3 shields for the class, one was the real thing "Burtha" and here are the 2 made ones School Shooting Scenario Operator Down - Rescue Simulated Drug House Raid
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