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    With springers at a mates farm in 1989
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    Tanaka S&W M37 .38SPL Airweight J-police model, Tanaka .357 Python, KJW Mk.1


    KSC USP, KSC Glock 18c, Uber KSC Glock 17, TM 1911 Springfield, WA Kimber, WA S&W Shorty .40, WA 1911 MEU, Wa Shan M1934


    JG Sig 552, Unicorn AKS74U, Systema PTW Max 07, Systema TW5 Max


    WE Scar, ACM 1892 Winchester, T.F.G.W. M14 GBB Custom


    TM VSR G-Spec, Marushin M500, DE XM1014
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    United Kingdom

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    Notts, UK
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    Desk jockey by day, warrior at the weekend :)
  1. A1 trader, with great comms and speedy delivery.

    Many thanks!

  2. Great guy to so business, good comms and fast payment. less mess and does what its says on the tin - JOB DONE!

  3. A1 trader!

    Item arrived fast and was in great condition, would happily trade with again :)

  4. A good trader. Good comms, fast delivery and a good item.

    Highly recommended!

  5. A1 trader! Good comms and a pleasure to do business with.

    Many thanks

  6. Excellent trader. Good comms, fast delivery and a great item. Highly recommended!

  7. Good buyer nice and easy sale A+

  8. A great seller. Good comms, fast delivery and even threw me in a freebie. Highly Recommended and hope to deal with again :)

  9. Rizla

    What's your backup?

    my back up is either a VFC sawn off shotty, or a KJ works P226 depending on how much weight i feel like carrying

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