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    TF Knight-era UKSF spec C8 CQB (based off Krytac CRB)
    TF Black-era UKSF spec C8 CQB (based off Krytac SPR)
    L119A1 SFW (based off Krytac SPR)
    L110A1 Minimi (based off CA M249)
    L7A2 GPMG (in progress, based off Echo 1 M240)
    M870 breacher (based off Cyma M870 spring shotgun, metal version)
    KJW P226 (KP-01)
    Cyma Glock 17 (based off CM030 AEP)
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    I'm never drinking again.
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    United States

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    Virginia Beach, VA
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    Airsoft, drumming, surfing, designing kit
  1. ardrummer292

    AI Mike40

    I wasn’t aware that 40mm grenades can demonstrate joule creep. Is this a common thing, or is it limited to CO2 shower shells?
  2. My oldschool CA M249's (steel) receiver bent right down the middle after falling off a table. Solution? Hammer the thing straight with a piece of firewood. Putting that engineering degree to good use. :P

  3. ardrummer292


  4. ardrummer292

    KJW new not a *beep*-seventeen GBB pistol?

    Is the 1:1 G17 replica version designated as the KP-17? I'm seeing CO2-compatible KP-17s on a few different websites.
  5. ardrummer292

    Videos Thread !

    Here's my gameplay montage from OP Stonebreaker in South Carolina this past weekend. Warning: copious amounts of adult language and reckless violence.
  6. ardrummer292

    KJW new not a *beep*-seventeen GBB pistol?

    Mmmm... CO2 compatible. Maybe there will be a way to put the guts from this into a more accurate replica 'shell.' If it runs as well as my P226 (KP-01) and can be made to look more like the genuine item, I'm all over it.
  7. ardrummer292

    Support Weapon Pics

    Added a couple minor bits to my L110A1, namely a scoutlight replica and L110 rear sight. I would love to say it shoots like a dream, but... machine gun, so no.
  8. ardrummer292

    Support Weapon Pics

    Thanks for the pointers. I'll have a look around to source the parts you mentioned. Hopefully it'll be easier than sourcing L7 GPMG parts, which is my next build.
  9. ardrummer292

    Support Weapon Pics

    Duh, I forgot to provide the picture I used for reference.

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