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  1. I spoke a little too soon on this topic. One of the Maximis owned by a friend fractured the stock bipod. He sourced a real-steel replacement, which wasn't too terribly expensive. Note that the UKSF Maximi uses an older-style standard M249 bipod, not the newer side-folding version or the prohibitively expensive Mk48-specific bipod: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/49505 I plan on whacking a short section of 1 1/4" OD x 1" ID aluminum tube inside it, which is required to make the real bipod fit. Link to my guide showing the same bipod upgrade process on a CA/A&
  2. More hardcore/realistic events (such as Milsim West) are a mainstay on this side of the pond. Rucking in, setting up patrol bases, conducting raids, and sharing a bit of misery are all part of the experience. As for conventional pickup games, I've learned that it's all about who you play with. I've been blessed with a solid group of teammates (and more importantly friends) who are all on the same page. Win or lose, we're all having fun.
  3. Another update: I'm having good luck with the Lonex LMG air nozzle + Bullgear hopup unit combo. I have installed this setup on a second Lambda Maximi with similar results to those above. I plan on doing the same to a third Maximi, which will be gracing my work bench shortly.
  4. Does the inner barrel have room to wiggle? If so, an easy fix is wrapping a layer of tape around it to "shim" it into the center of the outer barrel.
  5. ardrummer292


    Nothing especially noteworthy, just a VFC HK417 with some accessories and a truly horrific paintjob. UKSF fellas seem to like their Kryptek paint schemes, so off I went. I "retired" from machine gunning due to a back injury, but I still had a hankering for some sort of special-purpose weapon. This is my first DMR and it's quite lovely to use.
  6. Quick update: got the Bullgear hop unit installed, plus a Lonex LMG air nozzle. Preliminary results are excellent. These parts, combined with a Prometheus 460mm 6.03 tightbore and purple bucking, yield ~386 +/- 4 fps w/0.30g bbs. This is about 2.09 J, or 475 fps w/0.20g bbs. Results were obtained with the stock M140-ish spring installed. Fair warning, the Bullgear hop unit has a weird clamshell design. It took me a bit of head-scratching to figure out the proper method for installation.
  7. Well sh*t, I already have it in hand. Was really hoping to use it to improve the airseal, since the stock unit seems a little leaky. I'll fiddle with it to see if I can make it work. Either way, I'll report back with my results.
  8. Does anyone have any information on the new Bullgear hopup unit for these guys? Link: https://bullgear.net/hop-up-lambda-defense-mk48 It seems there's some demand for a replacement hop unit, presumably because the stock cast unit doesn't have great airseal. I'm wondering which air nozzle they're designed for.
  9. Almost forgot a section. Notes from my cancelled S&T HK417 build. Retro Arms V2.5 SR25 gearbox modification: reducing front gearbox wall thickness to restore correct tappet plate range of motion. This modification is not required for the Retro Arms V2.2 HK417 gearbox. Retro Arms SR25 gearbox installed in S&T HK417 lower receiver Example of cracked S&T HK417 upper, taken from AirsoftPro’s website VFC HK417 upper installed on S&T HK417 lower, demonstrating dimensional differences S&
  10. A bit late to the game, since this rifle has been out for 10 years. The lack of technical details available led me to write an internal and upgrade guide myself. Taken from a writeup I put together for my local group: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19EZn2DgiSSANZsLn4gtlVTp4V9gO-Yv_RZc2uJPndm0/edit?usp=sharing I'll leave all the UKSF impression-specific stuff out and just repost the technical bits here. If you're interested in building a UK-spec HK417 (a.k.a. the L2A1 SACTARASS), I believe I have most every relevant detail covered in the link. Without further ado...
  11. Prometheus barrels tend to be a bit thicker than others, presumably in the interest of stability and accuracy. I doubt the AK74MN specific tightbore is any thicker than any other Prometheus inner barrel, but I can’t be sure. You might need to lube the new inner barrel so it slides into place. Failing that, I imagine the outer barrel will need to be bored out very slightly. Not sure how that would be accomplished though.
  12. I’m a fan of Prometheus purple buckings. G&G green buckings are a decent substitute if the Promy isn’t readily available. The barrel you linked is the correct one.
  13. The SHS MP5K nozzle I installed works very well, for the record.
  14. I would check to make sure the hopup bracket inside the receiver is allowing the hopup unit to slide back fully into battery. I found that, if the bolts on the receiver hopup bracket are too tight, the hopup unit will be stuck in a position spaced away from the gearbox.
  15. Got the new WARFET-based wiring harness made up and installed. The gun is a happy camper, especially with the Bullgear insert pumping rounds in as fast as the gearbox pumps them out. Dumped about 1000 rounds through it as a test fire, with no hiccups or drama.
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