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  1. Surprised I didn't see this thread until now. @[CPT] ChickMcNugget, I made a google doc to help the uninitiated put together a passable UKSF Direct Action (DA) kit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cIKNoWYmQBOBlaqoKXKszJ1iwQR-CV0UdPOzFSiE_3M/edit?usp=sharing With an accompanying rifle build guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15oNME4lh0wsJcoq8YvQND-ahOsxsxHjzt_EEhpm7dYg/edit?usp=sharing Tangentially related is a Counter-Revolutionary Warfare (CRW, or "black kit") build guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zbrVmF4BgdBTJADfReS4n1UbuiQYEBNyQ_67DXySOqU/edit?
  2. I can help you troubleshoot the source of the leak, if you like. I haven’t had to fix any leaks of my own, but I’m intimately familiar with the potential sources.
  3. Modern M870 is sold, as are all modified TM shells less 2. L74A1 price is now 478 + S/H.
  4. Addendum #3: Troubleshooting low muzzle velocity with my top-folder My previous addendum was incomplete, in that I failed to mention an ongoing issue with my second shotgun build. For some reason, I was unable to get the muzzle velocity to exceed 1J regardless of supplied pressure. The gun was functional, but not exceptional like my first shotgun build. A list of the possible culprits for my issue. The troubleshooting process took quite a bit of time, exacerbated by COVID-19 escalating my already demanding work schedule. I tried everything listed in th
  5. Time for me to slim down my collection a bit. While shotguns are a blast to use, I really don't field them often enough to warrant keeping them. Both shotguns are featured in my build thread: Modern Remington 870, kitted out a la modern SAS/UKSF: 856 + S/H Includes 20x modified TM shotshells Link to post: Old-school L74A1: 638 + S/H Includes 20x modified TM shotshells Link to post:
  6. I know they're rebranded. I want to say the OEM is BLS, but I'm not positive.
  7. I’m a fan of BLS. They’re hard enough to avoid getting chopped in my Echo 1 M240, which is quite a feat.
  8. CamelBak Heat Grip gloves are ultra durable. I don't believe they come in fingerless, but that's nothing a pair of scissors and bit of stitching can't fix.
  9. SR25s use either V2 or V2.5 gearboxes, so you don't gain anything by moving away from a G3-based build. It's pretty simple dropping in a replacement reinforced/high end gearbox like Krytac, Avalon, or something similar, so I wouldn't worry about the rather dated concerns about V2 gearbox integrity.
  10. My gun wall is actually a retail display rack. I screwed the mount bases into studs in as many places as I could find. It's quite sturdy.
  11. I had a similar issue with both my G&P PEQ-2s. I'm not a wiring-savvy guy, so I didn't attempt to crack it open and fix it. From what I understand, some of the solder joints are weak, which leads to the intermittent contact you're experiencing. It's also possible that water made its way inside. I wish I had a fix for you. I ended up getting a separate weapon light and keeping the PEQ as a strictly aesthetic accessory. I never used the laser, so it was no great loss for my needs.
  12. Good question. Hmmm... P226E2: #1 for reliability so far. It probably helps that I actually maintain it as I should. Original P226R: sold it after a few years of hard use. This is notable because I usually run handguns until they irreparably fail. Original M9: plastic fantastic and not great. The safety switches fell off. Mk23: legendary for a reason. Less of a sidearm, more of an alternate offensive weapon. G17: not very reliable, although that could be due to the previous owner's installation of a Shooter's Design aluminum slide. 1911 Foliage Warrior: was
  13. Apologies for the double post. My editing window expired. @Skarclaw, here you go:
  14. It's less "WIP Mk48," more "stripped M249 with the wrong caliber of nutsack." I'll see if I can't snap a pic once I get off work.
  15. Might be a difference in production runs? I'm not really sure. Either way, one plunger does the job just fine, so no worries.
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