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    TF Knight-era UKSF spec C8 CQB (based off Krytac CRB)
    TF Black-era UKSF spec C8 CQB (based off Krytac SPR)
    L119A1 SFW (based off Krytac SPR)
    Diemaco C7 (based off G&P AR15 A2 with Krytac gearbox)
    TF Knight-era UKSF spec M870 (HPA tapped, based off TM M870)
    L74A1 (HPA tapped, based off TM M870)
    L110A1 Minimi (based off CA M249)
    L7A2 GPMG (based off Echo 1 M240)
    UKSF spec Minimi 7.62/Maximi (in progress, based off G&P M249)
    MP5A5 (based off the Avalon model)
    TM P226 E2
    Cyma Glock 17 (based off CM030 AEP)
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    I'm getting too old for this *suitcase*.
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    United States

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  1. Nothing like 3 months without airsoft to make you take a hard look at your accrued pile of kit.

  2. ardrummer292

    Does anyone sell Lipo Ready AEP's ?

    I haven't done anything fancy to my Cyma Glock's electrical system and it seems to be running okay. Granted, it doesn't really see a terrible lot of use, so take my experience with a few grains of salt. I use an adapter like this: https://www.evike.com/products/65998/ Unfortunately, I was unable to find one in stock on Evike's site.
  3. ardrummer292

    Classic army g3

    I have seen these magazine fitment issues with the LCT G3 firsthand. There seems to be some problem with the magazines failing to lock in after extended use. After fiddling with the pair of LCT G3s (and accompanying magazines) at my local shop, I'm fairly confident that the magazines are at fault. One magazine won't lock into either rifle, while the other mag locks into both rifles without issue. I'm planning on buying my complement of mags locally so I can return them in case of any drama.
  4. ardrummer292

    Classic army g3

    My local shop had to return their entire shipment of CA G3s due to external issues. Namely, they fell apart in transit. I personally wouldn’t touch one with someone else’s 10 foot pole. If you want to trust the structural integrity of your rifle, I would recommend saving up for the LCT. That’s my plan.
  5. ardrummer292

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Don’t stress and enjoy yourself! Hopefully you’ll leave the field remembering why you started this hobby in the first place.
  6. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Apologies for the double post, but I believe I found something of interest. A replica Shield RMS for a fair bit less than the real deal: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RMS-Reflex-Mini-Red-Dot-Sight-Scope-with-Ventilated-Mounting-For-Airsoft-Glock/202659531247?var=502739116368
  7. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Well that’s interesting. I’m not to keen on testing it myself, but I do have an email in to Shield regarding their warranty coverage for US customers.
  8. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    And this is why I'm thinking of throwing down nearly twice the money for the G&G.
  9. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    I’ve been using ACOGs for over a decade now. Poor eye relief doesn’t bother me. Semi-related: does anyone know if a replica Shield red dot/J-Point exists? Looks like the Shield SUSAT wing mount (pictured above) uses a different bolt pattern than the commonplace Docter and RMR mini dots. I’d rather not splash out for a real optic, especially considering the likelihood of it getting shot out.
  10. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    I know what you meant, but I still laughed. Did any parts fall off it for no reason?
  11. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    I'm in no rush. I've got loads of other work to do to my Minimi before it's ready for a fancy new optics package. Just let me know when you plan on coming out and I'll make sure I'm there as well. Oh, and thank you! Aye, this is what "community" looks like.
  12. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Good feedback, thanks! I mean, if you're okay with that, I'd be immensely grateful. When do you reckon you'll be out next?
  13. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Yep, spot on. This will be going on a L110 Minimi built up to early Iraq spec, a la SFSG in TF Black. The very tail end of its service. Ref photo of my desired setup is attached. \ "Enthusiastic" about UK kit... that's an interesting way to put it. Doing any sort of US SF/SOF kit whilst living/playing in SEALtown USA (as I do) means you have a good chance of running into dudes who are in your kit reference pics, whether they're dropping their kids off to play or participating in games themselves. Figure it's a bit odd for a team fella to see his old armor carrier worn by some sweaty nerd, so I opted for a less "local" kit.
  14. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Waitasecond... that isn’t my avatar. hey siri how do i report hacking /offtopic Finally found a review. No useful comparison between the G&G and any other brand, but it’s a start. http://hotelcharlieairsoft.blogspot.com/p/g-susat-review.html?m=1
  15. ardrummer292

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Aye, it was intentional. No harm intended, NonEx. Thanks for the feedback, TheFull9. I’d be okay with getting a real one if it didn’t mean shelling out absurd money, but that seems to be the case. Found a couple for sale around 400 USD, which is about twice my budget.

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