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  1. My CYMA CM042 has arrived this morning and I need some advice; First, where to source a Romanian or Romanian style wood foregrip. I've found stores selling an airsoft version for £35-£40, but that seems pretty excessive for some woodwork. Any other sources? Secondly, aging. Wood is simple enough, sand, bash about, stain. But artificially sanding the metal work always ends up looking to deliberate. Can anyone advise how to strip the paint down a bit? I thought I heard someone mention leaving it in soft drink and letting the acidity do its thing?
  2. Some pics from this weekend's Cold War game, British & US against Russian and East German. Only 6 guys in the US Ranger unit (very outnumbered by Brits) so while they formed the "line infantry" units, we were tasked with Recce, long patrols and disrupting the enemy wherever possible. Great fun and the best game i've played in a long time.
  3. but this seems to have the contours of a surefire torch, either 310 or 610 .
  4. I picked them up second hand in the UK for a good price, but I don't think the clones come with a long option from new anyways.
  5. The AOR's are regular and the real Crye stuff is long. I'm 6'3" and they're ok, but I would have gone long given the choice.
  6. My combat trouser family. Crye Gen 1, Crye Gen 2, Korean AOR1. Gen 1 shirt & kneepads not pictured, and I still need some airflex pads for the Gen 2's.
  7. Second story down; http://www.tactical-life.com/online/exclusives/ausa-winter-symposium/2/ And pictures from Combat & Survival magazine.
  8. 3 guys turned up at my local in MTP ospreys at the weekend, they'd been to afghan and back, but I was still puzzled how they got thier armour home with them...
  9. It would appear after extensive research that Sweden use the same style stop signs as the US. Its a small world. http://www.ballofdirt.com/media/20137/276774/1444402.html
  10. I ordered two M16A2's from the 18 months or so ago, they arrived quickly and comms were good. I'd certainly order from them again.
  11. Does the chap at the back have his collar tabs the right way around, and the right orientation? Runes on the left seems strange, but i'm no expert on SS unit insignia.
  12. Regardless of your opinion, showing un-earned rank and patches isn't against the rules here. You'll note most of them are showing patches and ranks.
  13. To all members of Arnies, be sure to use different usernames for different aspects of your online life. Otherwise, if someone Googles you there could be embarrasing consequences...

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