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  1. There is one small pin you will need to tap out that is around the logo, and also remove the magazine eject button. Once those two are out move the fire selector between safe and semi. You might need to wiggle it out but it should slide out after that. Just watch the wiring for both the motor and battery. Could catch on the shell and damage it. Hope this helps man!
  2. Thought I would hop on here and ask as I hope to get one, with an extra mag, by the end of the year. How has it held up so far? Also to my understanding Glock holsters should work right? Do you know which one has a good snug fit for the glock model by any chance?
  3. I have been using AMP Tactical bb's in the system, both .25 and .28's, and have had no real problems. .28's are my go to bb now due to the weight and better accuracy. I am getting out to 200 ft right now with a spread around 150, 170 that gets shotgunned out. Its an estimate using Google Maps. Not the best I know but its all I got hehe. DAS is sending me a new nozzle to try out, a plastic one, that should help with the accuracy to my understanding. They have two new types out right now, plastic and aluminum, and then mine and probably other limited edition users, steel. The aluminum
  4. Thought I would throw this in here. I somewhat talked to a few people over the Timmy net on YouTube comments and a lot of accuracy problems appear to be coming from bio bb’s. The system doesn’t really like them or just basically soft bb’s. GBLS commented to me in an email at one point about the bb’s and said yes, soft bb’s can be used but they will always recommend hard bb’s. Basically treat the system like a GBBR and it will work fine. So far a brand called ATM bios work well and I tried some Valken bb’s while plinking and they work decent, but I get better results with the other bb’s I use t
  5. I'll check it out. Cause I can get it to work on my phone no problem usually, but on my PC, forget it.
  6. If its the same hop up that I purchased a few months ago to convert it to use AEG barrels, then it is different. It seems more along the lines of a GHK hop up that I cannot remember the name of right now. But I never physically held a GHK or seen the hop up so its just my speculation though. It does adjust really well though. I wish I could attach one more picture file but I cant, and Photobucket has too much ads and wont work for me on FireFox to show it, but the nub is a metal cylinder. Never mentioned that. The FPS inconstancy is weird to me, but I am wondering if its maybe due to
  7. Glad I could be of service. Don't know what I did but my FPS dropped. I had to tear down the rifle to the hop system to lower my hop up cause my Allen key stripped. I also cut down the blue flat nub to fit better, lost it in my junk pile of an office and placed the other harder black nub in and it went back down to wat it is suppose to be. Really weird. But works great still hehe. Also I do not believe the hop screw is 1.5 mm as my own personal Allen key slips when I try and use it. A 1/16 Allen key fits perfectly though.
  8. So, something that is long over due in my opinion. I wanted to update this review with information on my DAS rifle that was returned to me about three weeks to a month ago from DAS. I would have liked to do more of a faster update, but life keeps getting in the way. So, any ways. On to the review! Mass production, I still do not know when it will be out, just to get that out of the way, but they will let me know to my understanding when it does come out. So, DAS has installed a new hop up unit that they state is their own proprietary unit. To my understanding the unit, in st
  9. The repairs where complete and back to me in about 10 days. But it has been with them for about a month and a half for the upgraded parts I think. After the first repairs back in February I think it was, the gun worked great though and I was hesitant to return it for the other parts as I wanted to keep using it hah
  10. So I have been wanting to do this for a few months, but never really stopped to actually write it up, that and I am never really good at doing reviews. But I have eagerly awaited this gun for a year, used it (and I will start by calling it Version 1), and give as much feed back as possible. I have also created a YouTube account to try and record videos to try and share what I can of what it can do. Sorry for the major lack of pictures, didnt really take any. So, heres what I have so far while I wait for the upgraded gun to return. Externals: Externally the rifle has a nice feel to it and
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