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  1. stryker20000

    G&G GTP-9

    Thought I would hop on here and ask as I hope to get one, with an extra mag, by the end of the year. How has it held up so far? Also to my understanding Glock holsters should work right? Do you know which one has a good snug fit for the glock model by any chance?
  2. stryker20000

    Body armor shell

    Hu, I never thought of that. I’ll look into that then. Thanks!
  3. stryker20000

    Body armor shell

    I picked up a really nice new surplus French flak vest shell, this exact one: https://www.keepshooting.com/french-military-flak-vest.html and would like to in a sense puff it up more and make it slightly more ridged , especially around the shoulders if possible. I thought about using cardboard for it but I worry that if it gets wet the cardboard will get soggy and basically fall apart inside of the vest. Does any one by any chance have suggestions on what I could use besides cardboard that is ridged yet pliable? I also thought of a cloth type material but not sure what would work best Thought I would also show off what I put together. Not the best era specific I believe but I feel it looks great. Tried going for a 2005 era Terre de Armee look
  4. stryker20000

    TM / KJW Mk23 Metal slide

    Sorry for reviving an old topic but just ran across this now and seen these as an alternative to the RA-Tech ones. I highly doubt it but you guys think, with some mixing, they would work on a KWA system?
  5. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

  6. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    I will fully agree with you on the magazine issue. I can buy a pack of 10 standard magazines for the same price. The DAS mags are made of metal, but it’s design is still a basic style gas magazine. I don’t know if it’s maybe the supposed cerakote finish, but my money is on because they can charge that much. Getting all 11 mags from start to finish wasn’t cheap, but getting the extra 5 helped. I still do also see if being a viable platform for more of the milsim players out there, or those who like GBBR platforms. Price point is still way to high. Even their skeleton kit is expensive. It’s only 200 less than what the full rifle coats. If it was dropped down between 800-1k I would see it being a more viable option. Still pricy though. I guess it’s still a nitch gun you could say. And there really isn’t that many problems that it seems to have. The buckings getting chewed up is a large complaint, especially if you switch it out. Personally I haven’t had this issue, yet. Long term use and abuse for what I have seen on the bookface page is the sear possibly might have trouble and the biggest one is the motor. At one point it seems like DAS went with a cheaper company I guess as more people started having issues with it, me included. One guy had, if I remember right, two motors burn out. One within minutes of receiving and installing his replacement. Its still good too see peope like you out there to nit to nit pick these things apart to get others, including myself, heads out of the clouds. I get myself up there sometimes with it cause I feel unique and different in my own way. Always likes that feeling. Well, any ways. Tired and lost track on exactly I was going to say.
  7. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    Thankfully no. I can send it to NY for quicker turn around service.
  8. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    So, not sure if any one is still following this but thought I would do an update of the sorts. So, it’s been nearly 2 years since I picked up my DAS. And I still have a hard time thinking that it’s been that long. In that time I have had ups and downs, especially in the beginning. But now that everything is broken in well it’s running smooth, just the way we like it in this hobby. I have put I have no idea many rounds through it. Best guess I could say is between 17k and 19k. Even then I could be wrong cause that’s not including misc ammo I have tried/ plinked with. Right now this bad boy is still my primary rifle and a few guys that I play with like to shoot it to tinker with it. But, there are still faults that I run across at times that are fixed very easily thanks to DAS’s great customer support. Withought them I don’t think I would love this gun as much as I do. But I have had two motor shafts break on me, and have been replaced with no problems. I have had numerous wiring issues sadly with wiring disconnecting from connection points. I have basically replaced my whole shrink wire wrap with electrical tape at this point hah. But it’s a quick fix and easy to do. I have had no other blown fuses, surprisingly not much drop in FPS either. But I also had my bolt lost when I sent it to DAS to have both the bolt and gearbox cleaned and relubricated. DAS replaced the bolt even though, I feel at least, it wasn’t their fault so I am greatful for that. I also have had a new mosfet installed, one that is used by the GDR15, but has to be externally wired due to the different dimensions of my gearbox. Sucks cause there is a large random block on the wiring. But still, it works. All in all this is, and will be, my primary rifle for future games, events, plinking what have you. Running 11 mags at times and got my hands on the Odin adaptor for easier loading. Gun is a beast and a tank. Fell literally on it, dusted it off a tad and got back into the game. Took me about an hour to get all of the random dust and dirt out of the bolt, mag well and everything hah. Love this gun and I wish others could get it at a better affordable price. Hopefully it will drop down more in price out of the training weapon price range to a better tag so others can get their fill. That’s all. Also sadly LordGBLS no longer works for DAS. He/She moved on last year around August sadly. They where a great person to speak to and quick with the replies for customs support, but with the new US office in NY it makes it easy and quicker for replies and shipping.
  9. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    So if any one is curious some one has taken the dive and did a gearbox take down video. Its all in Korean though, but the video gets the point across pretty good.
  10. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    Thanks. Love it this way. And I’m not sure. I haven’t tried the stock barrel to see if there is any but there might be a small amount cause when I go full auto I loose about 5-10 FPS depending on the weight I use. And if I remember right the barrel is 509
  11. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    https://imgur.com/gallery/OoXqC This should work better
  12. stryker20000


    I have been using AMP Tactical bb's in the system, both .25 and .28's, and have had no real problems. .28's are my go to bb now due to the weight and better accuracy. I am getting out to 200 ft right now with a spread around 150, 170 that gets shotgunned out. Its an estimate using Google Maps. Not the best I know but its all I got hehe. DAS is sending me a new nozzle to try out, a plastic one, that should help with the accuracy to my understanding. They have two new types out right now, plastic and aluminum, and then mine and probably other limited edition users, steel. The aluminum one should be used with .25's on up and the plastic nozzle with .2's according to their Facebook page. Ill throw in an update when I get those parts installed and check them out. Also for the bio bb's. I used some old BioVal bb's from around 5 years ago, .30's, and had no problem during a game last week Sunday. No idea what my FPS was. Also my FPS has stabilized with my personal bucking setup, an Umbrella Armories r-hop I think it is, with both Prometheus flat bucking and nub. Its around 300 FPS on semi and around 290 I think on full auto using .28's. With .2's its around 350 on semi and 245 on full auto. Ill try and get out this weekend with all stock parts and tinker with it as I should have the new nozzles by tomorrow as I also want to try and help BrainExploder figure out why his hop just died all of a sudden in his game play video. Thats a problem that I had when I first got it back in January of last year, but was remedied by DAS when I sent it back for the trigger repair. So, till then.
  13. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h1/Stryker20000/GBLS%20DAS/2A396CC7-6E79-44EB-89F0-BD2F96F041DE.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h1/Stryker20000/GBLS%20DAS/B6C48E40-12F7-4F62-91F8-2382DDE1BA00.jpg These should work I hope
  14. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    Hope it works as I am doing all this on my phone. But this is my baby. I haven’t tried the stock parts with the barrel, bucking and nub though. I replaced those with that r-hop thingy.... An umbrella factory barrel and Prometheus flat bucking and nub. Using .28’s I get around 300 on semi and 290 on full auto pretty consistently. On .20’s it’s around 245 semi and 240 full auto. I saved up enough cash from holiday pay and OT and picked up another hopup unit for DAS to make a shorter cabine length upper to switch out to any field that isn’t long range, and we have some here where I play. Hope you like it! EDIT: I will have to attach an outside link later tonight as I need to run an errand.
  15. stryker20000

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    I think HOOT has a very valid point though with the vanilla rifle. It is nice to have the good stock for the battery space and rail system, especially the rail system, but there are others that want to switch things up. Like me. I completely replaced the whole rifle and made it into an M16A4 basically. Having two different versions available would be nice, a fancy one that is out, the GDR15, and a vanilla one. I would recommend keeping the EPS stock though for both rifles as there are a bunch of wiring for the rifles. The magazine though, I believe they are making one that is 120 capacity. At least that’s what I heard. I’ll check with LordGBLS though on that. Give it time, prices should go down and third party support will most likely come out with something.

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