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    Systema M4 PTW, Systema 733 Custom PTW, TM 733 , WA Wilson CQB, TM 1911A1 (Wilson CQB Custom) KSC USP Compact OD, KSC M11 x4, Maruzen M870 Riot Shorty, M1100 Revision, KSC Glock 34, 18, 17,17OD, 22, 23, 19 WA Tactical Carry, 3.9x2, WA .45 x2, PPK Movie Edition Silver,Inokatsu AK104, Tanaka 870 Shorty Custom, Marushin Ruger Assasin, Star L85 AFV, TM 1911 V-12 Comp Custom, TM Mk23 Doubletrap, KSC CZ75 2nd version, TM P-90, KSC USP Compact, Inokatsu AKS47U Vityaz, KSC CZ75 1st Version Midnight Finish
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    Go Team Venture!
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    United States

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    Oahu, Hawaii
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    Airsoft, Military History...and ZOMBIES!

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