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  1. Its.. the "Zeiss" Z-Point ... and its great eheheh...
  2. I've been using the PDI 6.01 for a while.. with the RF Nozzle, RF spring and SD valve, the FPS is not at 380-390 with propane ... no jam what so ever... OOT, I tried the "vacuum" test on the PDI vs EDGI 6.00... on the PDI, when I plugged on end of the barrel and put a BB on the other, it doesnt drop... where as with the EDGI 6.00, the BB just drop through... the BB i used are the KSC 0.20s... btw, my KSC
  3. Crimson.. I meant the length ... dunno whether its 160mm/165mm or perhaps longer?
  4. Guys... heads up.. PDI just come out with the barrel for KSC MP7A1... it said std length but with the language barrier I've yet to find out the exact mm yet... http://www.x-fire.org/etop/01_h.html i Guess no time to test the EDGI... just post them for sale and place an order for 1 PDI ones ahahahaha...
  5. Just received the EDGI 6.00 and 6.03 200mm... will test them tonite and see the different on FPS.. would be abit difficult on testing range though ..anyway, will post what I find.
  6. Crimson, Would this have the same effect if we compared between EDGI 6.00/6.01 vs EDGI 6.03/6.04 or just on the different design of EDGI vs TN? I've read somewhere that EDGI uses ported barrel or something right? could that be the reason? If its not, then 6.03 EDGI here I come heheheh.. or should I just bought 2 of them and test myself ehehhe
  7. Hmmmm I guess 160 it is then eheheh.. Btw, will the 6.01 and 6.00 have much different result? I've been using primarily 6.01 PDI and it feeds fine on the KSC 0.20, KSC 0.25, excel 0.25, how about the 6.00 any problem with those bbs? also, I've just scored few bags of bioval 0.27 I guess it would be fine on the 6.00 right? Thanks
  8. Guys, whats the recommended barrel length for the mp7? I read off ehobby, the std length is 165mm, where as on the kwa.us site, the replacement barrel - EDGi 6.03 is 160... and I saw that greg is using 200mm (or 220mm)? hows the fit on that barrel? does it come out much? I'll prefer 200 ish ones, so I can buffed up some more fps eheheh Also, few of you guys ordered the barrel off Edgi, whats the lead time for one? I've emailed him and awaiting reply, but I thought I might aswell ask you guys too eheheh.. I'll be getting a KSC version, Jap one I think (2nd).. cause it has been fi
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