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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this AKM with green Bakelite (IIRC) furniture. And if there was anyway to replicate it? I believe this picture was taken at a museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  2. Sorry for another question... But Google has failed to find the answer.... How wide is an underfolder's buttplate?
  3. Quick question: How comfortable/ uncomfortable is the AKMS underfolder when shouldered with or without load bearing gear? I only ask because of how wide the end of the stock is...
  4. On the right side, right about your post there should be a drop down menu labeled "Options". Click on that and then under "Display Mode" switch it to "Standard".
  5. Some of the photos I've take with my old Praktica 35mm film SLR. Still have rolls of film that need developing....
  6. Praktica Nova Ib I also got four lenses, a 2X Teleconverter, and flash unit.
  7. Is it just me or does that Micro Reflex sight look good on an M249 for some reason? I also love it when people take off the upper heat shield, it looks so much better.
  8. Got tired of all my gun/airsoft/military related backrounds.
  9. My Souvenir from my trip to Maine, a Spyderco Military CPM-D2 with Foliage Green G-10 Handles. Not totally sure I quite like it, it just feels too large in my hands, and it kinda scares me... Plus it is overkill for a EDC knife, not to mention I found these were a small run of ~1200 pieces, not something I want to even use. If anyone know anything else about it or possibly a fair asking price (considering it is NIB) please PM me.
  10. Sounds like it strips somewhat like a real L1A1/FAL. FN FAL Field strip
  11. MGS: The Essential Collection -Metal Gear Solid -Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance -Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (Disc 1 only) Great deal for $30. Now all I need is a PS1 memory card.
  12. Is this the Bunderswehr issue knife? I mean the one that a Bunderwehr soldier would actually get in his kit? Kinda shiny to use in the field if so.
  13. That Wolf ammo still live? Those are some really cool pictures too, the lighting is perfect.
  14. So would you say that the externals are indeed made from Glass filled Nylon, and not ABS plastic? Also how is the outer barrel? Is it nice and solid? No wobble? Mini review pretty please? I would really like it if SRC had made the G36E with the new polymer, and made the outer barrel/ gas block assembly a lot more solid. I really wouldn't trust my TSD G36's gas block assembly to take even a little abuse. It would also be nice if I didn't have to use all my strength to get the handguard on and off with the battery in it... At least I won it in a raffle .
  15. Could we please not quote pictures, especially five of them... Anyway your M4 looks nice and simple Curtis.
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