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  1. Horse, this is quite an impressive work you've done ! I'm curious too on the method you've used. Would be great if you could share it with us
  2. It's the Laylax Mode 2 H&K Suppressor
  3. Just posting here to say that I just placed an order on WGC, where it is still priced at $768 + shipping. Not very interresting in itself, except that when I received the shipping quote, I've had a great surprise. Apparently, there's a special offer on the Ares DSR-1, and it's now "only" $650. Not unhappy to save $118 (especially as this heavy son of a b*tch brings the shipping quote to $135). That's pretty much £501 (thanks to the crooky Paypal conversion rate)
  4. Yeah, I see what you mean, I've owned the AGM for... one week. Got the VFC DX version with battery stock, which cost me an arm so wouldn't dare to butcher it. The SRC is only $80 cheaper than the basic VFC. Gotta try to find some high resolution pictures to see what are the differences. So from what I can understand : you contact Justin through the CA forum, then send him your rifle ?
  5. I really can't wait to have some information on the order process I've been dreaming of a HK416 GBB for ages !
  6. Even though I am very happy with the looks of this mask and the protection it provides, I have to say that it is a nightmare to keep fog out of my goggles. I play CQB and run a hell of a lot, and sweat a lot. I also have to wear a balaclava under my mask, otherwise, it's not comfortable, which also adds to the steam factor. I use ESS V12 on open position, with cat cr@p. Still, fogging gets really bad in only a few minutes. The only solution to this issue is to use mesh goggles. Otherwise, if you sweat a lot, forget it...
  7. Just received mine today Awwww, so cute...
  8. Holy mother of god... Just watched the video... Where can you actually buy this baby ?
  9. Oh dammit, why on earth... I should be earning more money to afford all this ! Thanks for the review When you talk about 1200 shots at 110 psi with a 2500 psi bottle : what's the size of the bottle ? Is it a 48cu or a 72cu ?
  10. You think airsoft is expensive huh ? Try dating my girlfriend
  11. Received mine from Zero One in the UK last Friday. Seems to be the last one as it's not advertised in their site anymore. For UK users : after some research, it's a real pain to find a place to refill CO2 bottles, so I'm gonna go for HPA. There's a guy who sells aluminium 48cu bottles at 3000psi for £40 + £6 shipping. My regulator is still on the post from Palmers Pursuit in the US, so I still can't use the MP5, which is a bit of a pain...
  12. Glad to see there's other bikers outta here My Duke And my Hornet
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