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  1. selling items again :)

  2. Lol! Trousers for the englishman, pants for the american. It seems ebaybanned has the trouser but the knee pads are different. Yeah, it's UR Tactical.... too bad they don't have anything in OD. Perhaps we should make a petition...hehehe...
  3. The trousers of this guy looks cool. The upper looks like the PCU-Level 5 though. Any idea where those trousers come from?
  4. thornado


    Happy Birthday! Darn...am a smaller person. Would you suggest that I attach a foregrip that extends to the ground while standing and has wheels? On a serious note, thanks for the initial review. I better prepare my tools once mine arrives. I think I'd rather play a role of auto-sniper with it than for assault. So sniper scope it is for the rail. Anyone knows who sells a harris-style bipod here in the UK?
  5. Here are some images on Armed Response Units you can check for building your loadout: I guess some are using MP5A5 and G36C and different loadouts per county. Is the guy in the second picture holding a Steyr Aug or a FN P90? I can't seem to figure out the type of bullpup weapon it is. What do you think?
  6. The first ever Filipino-organized Airsoft event to be held in United Kingdom this May! Featuring UK based Filipino Teams under the ACE (Airsoft Combat Enthusiasts) Brigade. It will be at Combat South in Portsmouth on the 12th of May. This is not strictly a "Team-based" competition, and these Filipino teams have opened the event to other airsoft players, in the spirit of knowing other airsoft players in the UK. Prizes are awarded not on team competitions but on more fun categories such as: 1. Best-dressed Player 2. Friendliest airsofter 3. One Man Army 4. Most hit airsofter 5. Mr a
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