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  1. I usually run a canteen in the right GP pouch on my pantac 1961 and haven't had any issues with it.
  2. Well, America isnt the only country with stop signs
  3. The weapons catch works kinda ok. It keeps the weapon from dangling in front of my legs when im moving with the sidearm but the transition time is a bit to long for my liking, especially when I'm transitioning back to my primary it has a tendency to get cought in vfg, weapon sights and stuff like that.
  4. My first (and only) took about 6 hours to do, after the 5 hour my skin was kinda sore its about 18 hours old in this pic edit: resized it abit
  5. My team after a FIBUA game last week. I'm second from the left
  6. Because I like to have some spare protection if for some reason my Ess should fail. I am suprised that you didnt ask about the really pointless gadgets and stuff on my rigg that fill no other purpose than for the looks, like the bandage shears or the Oh so overpriced PTW
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