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  1. DecimusKrieg

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    You can tell by the rails and by the trigger too awesome pics on this page guys. That Uzi looks gorgeous!
  2. DecimusKrieg

    Revolver Picture Thread

    http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/acatalog/Strike-Systems-Dan-Wesson-6----8--Revolver-Holster-AS17350.html#.UWiLNmS9Lfo Not brown but it is cheap. If not try eBay or military surplus for a second hand holster? Considering one of the Dan Wesson 2.5"s myself, don't like using my Tanaka on the field really but I'd love a practical wheel gun, how do you rate them? I do have a brown leather holster that would probably be perfect for you but it has sentimental value as it was my Godfathers who passed away some years ago. It does seems like quality holsters or at least less tacticool ones are hard to come by these days. Decimus.
  3. DecimusKrieg

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Cheers, yea, she has no gun etiquette I'm afraid Have you considered Marushin? They're not the most skirmishable guns but they're not too bad. You have to remember that when you start wanting an airsoft revolver that uses shells you've got to expect a loss of performance. If you don't mind CO2 then maybe consider the WG, if not I think Marushin is your only other real alternative. http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/ecshop/category.php?id=12 About half way down that page is a Marushin Colt Ananconda. It seems to cover most of what you want, tho I'm not overly sure on the performance on that particular model. DK.
  4. DecimusKrieg

    Revolver Picture Thread

    The power on them is pretty decent, here's my 6" version with my missus holding it. DK.
  5. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    Few of my SMGS and my mate's Well Scorpion. There's my KSC Hardkick TMP, Galaxy MP5K, 2xMaruzen Micro Uzis (extremely fun) and an old KHC NBB M11 The trades of the M11 if anyone's interested, which a friend of mine painted once, making them look worse DK.
  6. DecimusKrieg

    Revolver Picture Thread

    This is my fifth, and currently only Tanaka revolver being held my sweetheart . The grip on it is pretty awful (terribly hollow and plasticy), though I guess it's got the Umbrella symbol if that's your bag. Should really get some RS grips for it. Wanna get some more tanakas again, feeling the urge, I sold most of the others at silly prices ages ago. I'm feeling another SAA I think... Decimus.
  7. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    Moar TMPage... Best airsoft gun I ever did buy. Decimus.
  8. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    There is? Post link, must've missed it Decimus.
  9. Why the hell have i never though of adding you as a friend?

  10. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    Some TMP and Scorpianage... Decimus.
  11. Nice pictures, they always bring a smile to my eye, or shall I say a 'grim' smile?

  12. DecimusKrieg

    Artistic Airsoft

    ^Me ^Two of my team ^A Team member ^...and me again. Decimus.
  13. DecimusKrieg

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My pride and joy... though less special now that they've re-released them Oh well, good for everyone else Decimus.
  14. DecimusKrieg

    Glock Picture Thread

    That 18c has got me more kills than most of my AEGs... it's my lucky charm... Decimus.
  15. DecimusKrieg

    Artistic Airsoft

    Here's a few pics of me and my stuffs... The ol' TMP & Sawn off room clearance combo. Dual Glocks in my sorta post-apocolyptic Stormtrooper impression Aiming... My TMP and a bit o'blue fer dads. Have at thee! Execution with a Kar98... can't say fairer... Got a few more, but yea, there you go. Decimus.

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