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  1. DecimusKrieg

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    You can tell by the rails and by the trigger too awesome pics on this page guys. That Uzi looks gorgeous!
  2. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    Few of my SMGS and my mate's Well Scorpion. There's my KSC Hardkick TMP, Galaxy MP5K, 2xMaruzen Micro Uzis (extremely fun) and an old KHC NBB M11 The trades of the M11 if anyone's interested, which a friend of mine painted once, making them look worse DK.
  3. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    Moar TMPage... Best airsoft gun I ever did buy. Decimus.
  4. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    There is? Post link, must've missed it Decimus.
  5. DecimusKrieg

    SMG Picture Thread

    Some TMP and Scorpianage... Decimus.
  6. DecimusKrieg

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My pride and joy... though less special now that they've re-released them Oh well, good for everyone else Decimus.
  7. DecimusKrieg

    Glock Picture Thread

    That 18c has got me more kills than most of my AEGs... it's my lucky charm... Decimus.

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