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  1. Simply gorgeous. Love the AP cover.
  2. I got mine from EHobby for $175 shipped, great deal. Lovely piece. x.black-jack.x: I've not tried to put one on a TM so I couldn't give you an honest accurate answer on that.
  3. WOW, that started as an R6. That's impressive. Talk about "plastic surgery".
  4. Looks great jonboy, the mag w/ inert rounds is a great touch.
  5. I'm no Ford lover, but I'd love to have a Crown Vic. Kick *albatross* STARGATESG1NUT.
  6. Very nice Spartan. I think I see some BHD in that lower M4. Am I right?
  7. Good lookin' stuff there NoRemorse.
  8. Sorry calico, I was unclear, the internals are "as is", the M5 RAS I added at a later time. It's a G&P M5 so the gun is "pure". Here's the kit: I don't believe the M5 comes on a G&P rifle that is set up as mine is with the carry handle and triangular front sight tower, however they do make an M5 RAS gun: Mine came to me like this: Thanks for the compliment!


    If I may start: SOCOM : Snackycakes Oreos Cheesypoofs Onionrings Marshmallows or (In the voice of Eric Cartman) "I'll use my terrorist call... WAWEEBEH, WAWEEBEH !"
  10. That's what I'm talkin' about! Lovely lines. Looks rigid. Looks like you guys are headed for a steak lunch too. (jk)
  11. That shows how behind I am keeping up with my car stuff. "Darn you airsoft!!" - heh. Ive seen some protos for the 2006 that never were released, some of which were absolutely amazing, and of course some were abominations. Can't wait to see a 2009 proto. Think I'll Google that now as a mattor of fact. Thanks for the props on my car.
  12. Thanks! I have a .psd that I made for configuring any type AR variant and I mess with it all the time, heh. That AK was originally a really bright Khaki originally. That made the camo jobs really easy.
  13. Sharp looking gun mremerica. Very nice.
  14. Added the 417 stock to this gun: By requests: Fiddling around:
  15. Thanks! But no PEQ is going on this one, lol, everybody has those. And I'm not too keen on taking the carry-handle (I hate calling it that, my drill instructor would whoop our butts for calling it a carry-handle) off so the ACOG will have to be the sort that mounts to the rear sight without the weaver mount. (G&P makes the sort I'm looking for) Edit: Old pic of my upgraded R6 (350 FPS) and my M16 before the M5 RAS was added:
  16. Sorry for a double post of this, I posted it in another thread before I saw this one. But it's only fitting that it be posted here. My G&P Marine Corps M16A4 MWS (click images for enlargements)
  17. I had this baby up to 150 on a Mississippi highway once upon a time. Good thing the Sheriff is my first cousin. As soon as I get this puppy painted again, tinted and upholster the interior with MARPAT type fabric, I'll be done with the cosmetics. I have a buddy that's making me a vinyl tint with a digital image of the flag planting at Iwo Jima for the rear window. It needs a few suspension items such as new struts, strut tower brace, 1.5" drop spindles, and a rear disk brake conversion (possibly a new rear end entirely). Oh, some new rims and rubber would be nice also.
  18. Wilco, but I must say first of all the tape feels nice an squishy and for some reason I get blisters on the top of my middle finger on my trigger hand and the tape keeps that from happening. As for ACOGs, I plan on adding the G&P 4x32 but mounted to the carry handle, without the weaver mount, like this:
  19. Thanks! Yeah, it's totally stock other than a new o-ring. It was advertised as doing 360 - 380 FPS OTB but it chronos consistantly at 430 (+/- 7 FPS). Over 50,000 bbs through it with no issues at all.
  20. My G&P Marine Corps M16A4 MWS (click images for enlargements)
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