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  1. DahlTR... i'm 5'5"...and i have the shoulder adjusted quite short, so i would imagine you would get into it ok as far as your height is concerned, in the review when i used "exceptionally tall" i was aiming at guys who are 6'7" + a little bit of an update while im at it.. i've now owned the vest for a few months, and played loads of games with it, and i'm pleased to say that it's still holding up really well,the stitching is still in good, no fraying or breakage. all in all it seems like a sound long term investment..
  2. TMC MBSS style Plate Carrier with pouches here goes my first review. I was in the market for a light weight, open sided MOLLE Compatible rig. And this one seemed to fit all the requirements, and was at a really good price. I ordered this from Ebaybanned.com, along with a few extra pouches and a pack with a built in hydration bladder. Ordered on the 8th December 2010, arrived at my door the 17th of December 2010, that's not a bad turnaround as far as Ebaybanned shipping goes. The items were well packed, and arrived with no damage whatsoever.. all in all.. not too shabby Anyw
  3. my Marui 1911 does very well in low temps on green gas.. my last game was earlier in november, temp was around 12 degrees C, and it was still kicking hard, and putting rounds out to a good distance... no official test figures, but there was very liitle cool-down, and no venting....not too shabby.
  4. cheers for confirming that for me FarEast...
  5. FarEast.. you mentioned in the review that it has a 100% compatibilty with Classic Army parts... so would i be correct in saying that a CA hop-unit would fit...???
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