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  1. Oh, no hard feelings. Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. If I could've edited the post, it should've said my TM CAR-15 does not fit my definition of "rare." Actually in my book, your guns count because it's not a production type run and they're usually one-offs. Besides, you know how it is...Internets = Serious business. I never meant any disrespect to any of your stuff though. My turd comment was focused more to the pics of items that I could buy easily within 10 minutes of this post, but because we all want to be penis envied, we act like it's "rare." However, it's inter
  2. Sorry, Led. I was referring to my TM CAR-15. Yours is rare and well done too! Basically if all it takes to get the item is money and patience, then I don't think it's that rare. If you can't buy the item regardless of whatever, then that would be a "rare" item IMO. I still don't think rare accessories make an item rare either. That's like claiming a WA MEU is rare because I have a sheriff magwell on it that's hard to come by. You can polish a turd, but no matter how much you polish it...it's still a turd at the end of the day.
  3. My "Ruger AC556" - A-Team style! It started as a Tanaka model gun. It has BV internals. That's pretty much all I know. I'm planning on having a slightly longer barrel made for it this summer, if possible. I have a bunch of real mini 14 mags to use in conversions for mags, but I never seem to have enough time or interest! And even though, I don't think it's rare... A TM CAR-15 and Ledpocket's original CAR 14.75 (you know...not quite a 15)
  4. Thread Revival! I have recently joined the elite ownership of an actual CAR15. Now the next question is...can you get a replacement metal body without switching the front end over? The top one is Ledpocket's CAR 14.75...you know, not quite a CAR15! Just the TM
  5. My newly finished Queen of Pain... It was upgraded and has a few bits and bobs on it. The fire pig, star PEQ and Aimpoint are the main things added to it. Obviously the base is a CA CQB. Hannibal
  6. I'm not sure it warrants an entire forum, but it would be nice to see a permanent thread where people can give a heads up to items on there. My initial reaction after that however is I would mainly like to see posts on rarer/highly wanted/unique type of items. I wouldn't appreciate seeing "OMG M14, M4, P90, etc! on ebay" every post. This is where I think the thread would get tricky. Perhaps it could be a off-topic thread so there aren't abuses of the user's post count. It may also be something that Arnie's doesn't want to deal with, but it is a nice idea. It's mainly only for t
  7. Well, my newest acquisition is much better than Col. Sanders. Other than my pocketbook, it didn't hurt a bit! Hope it heals well though, man... Hannibal
  8. My new m14 came today...just waiting for the AC556 stock to start my custom job! Hannibal
  9. Shao...that is an awesome looking gun! Hannibal
  10. Here is my Doc Holliday copy... Hannibal
  11. Thanks and yes, I am a fan of the Punisher. It's one of the handmade props. I wish I could say I did it, but unfortunately I didn't. Thanks very much though... Hannibal
  12. No, I can't lie. I bought it off of a retailer. It's hand made and damn nice. Very expensive and took a good while for them to make, but TOTALLY worth it compared to any other piece I have attempted or seen. Thanks for the compliment! Hannibal
  13. Thanks! I don't like leaving mine stock or plain, but I can't stand a bunch of uber cr@p on mine. The movie was cool and I thought his toys were too! That's why I decided on a good ol' aimpoint and M203 launcher. Hannibal
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