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  1. VFC also makes suppressors with 16 mm threading. http://www.kic.com.tw/shop/advanced_search_result.php?XTCsid=1d6dd781c29e04f941eb93a8bbba0f85&keywords=16mm&x=0&y=0 Shoot these guys an email (they understand and speak english fine), I've purchased a few things from them over the years, they are good to go. Prices are in New Taiwan dollars, you can google the conversion rate with your currency of choice to get a rough estimate of how much it will cost. -Vu
  2. All of my full metal pistols (that's all of my pistols) rattle. With real pistols, some of that rattle is taken cared of by tighter tolerances, and the spring tension of the recoil spring. If you want to try and tighten it up and reduce some of the rattle, read this guys review on the Maruzen P99. He uses shipping labels coated in graphite (pencil) to tighten up the action. Your Mileage May Vary. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Maruzen-P99-t71310.html -Vu
  3. The old slide MIGHT be able to accommodate the new internals, maybe with a little work. The frames look completely different (much closer to my KSC/KWA and the real steel), but from prior experience, most of the internals are held inside a separate chassis, so maybe the frames aren't too different.
  4. Good review, and the trades make it seem much more authentic. Trademarks that are well executed are always a huge plus. I' going through a huge ordeal in getting a properly marked USP TACTICAL, but so far my efforts are fruitless. -Vu
  5. Has anyone compared the new M9A1 to the old M9? I'd be interested to see if the frames and slide are close enough that they could be interchanged. With the exception of a notch near the blowback chamber, the slides of the old and new KSC USPs are identical, and I was wondering if this was the same with the Tokyo Marui M9s. -Vu
  6. This thread is great, keep it alive! It's also fun to see what used to pass for "cool gun effects" back in the 80's. Escape from New York or Los Angeles had AR-15's (don't know if they were real or not) without the hand guards to make them look futuristic.
  7. Interesting, I thought it was just going to be an external redesign of the old M9. The addition of the hop up is a plus, but the functional decocker is a surprise! To the OP, have you stripped down the guns fully to see what is compatible/not compatible between the old and new? I've done that with the KSC USPs and M9s and found all the dimensional differences in their model lines (not much). I know that the internals will be the same, but if they manage to fit it into the same space as the old system, then there already is a bunch of full metal kits out there for it! Case in point, I h
  8. Does he still have any of those frames? And do you think he'd be willing to ship it across the pond? I'm absolutely serious.
  9. Hardboiledcop, where can you find just the shooter's design MEU frame? I can't find it anywhere! Great looking bun, btw! -Vu
  10. My friend, that right there is AMAZING. Your attention to detail regarding the differences between the receivers in commendable! From your pictures, I would have guessed it started as a PSG-1! -Vu
  11. Update, I got my Safariland holster in the mail, it's the version that accommodates the USP .45 + UTL light. Although it didn't specify being made for the TACTICAL, the taller front and rear sights clear it without modification (barely, the front rubs the top, but it works). You have to make sure the gun is seated completely in, or the rotating hood will get a little caught on the edge of the rear sight. There is enough space to keep the dual safeties, and it appears that it will also accommodate the dual slide stop from the USP Match. It is an open bottom holster, so it can accept the lon
  12. That's easily one of the coolest XM8s I've ever seen! -Vu
  13. I don't have these pistols anymore (house robbed), but I LOVED THEM. Both have Shooter's Design kits, and the USP Tactical has real steel night sights. This was a few years before KSC released the System 7/NS2 pistols. The MP5 is from ICS/Airsoft Elite. The M4 stock on the MP5 was just an experiment. Those metal bodies were prone to breaking where the upper receiver meets the cocking tube (held on by 2 tabs with a screw going through it), so I bought a SRC MP5 (welded steel body!) and gutted that to rebuild as my new MP5. However, I had to take a dremel to the inside of the mag well since it w
  14. I no longer own these (house robbed). 2 WE 1911s, the silver one was stripped and sanded to have a uniform "grain" texture, similar to brushed stainless, very hard to show in photos. I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. -Vu
  15. From the HK factory, the standard USP Tactical only has it on the left side. You CAN get it replaced with the ambi safety, but from the factory, only have it on the right side. I was in the market for a real steel USP Tactical before I "settled" for a first generation P99. If you are handy with diagrams and visualizing how things work in your head, kwausa.com had exploded diagrams of the USP series. It took me about 30 mins to figure out the whole process, but once I fugured it out, it takes less than 5 mins for the whole swap. If you go to their Pro Shop, order the lever from the original USP
  16. *Too late to edit, sorry. Although I don't have personal experience with this (thereby making this second-hand knowledge, whereas my first post is direct first-hand knowledge) Serpa holsters, unless specified, will NOT clear the taller sights of the USP Tactical model. I have been told that the Safariland holsters will clear, and will update you soon when my particular holster comes in (in transit now). Serpas can be modified to fit, but it is somewhat of a process. -Vu
  17. Just to add some information I think is pertinent to the topic at hand, the AIRSOFT USP Tactical uses the same barrel threading as the airsoft and real-steel MK23. So if you were to buy a thread protector for a USP Tactical, it will not work on your airsoft gun, you need a MK23 thread protector. So, even though the threading is in 16mm to make it more "authentic", it's still wrong because it the threading is the opposite of the real steel, which uses clockwise, right hand threads. Also, the real-steel USP Tactical only has the decocker/safety on the left side of the gun from the factory, b
  18. Sorry to hear, SD makes great stuff, when they actually make it. I want a regular USP TACTICAL S7/NS2 slide so badly (No AFSOC logo on the slide since it will clash and offend my USMC sensibilities) and a Phase II Mk23 slide/barrel kit!
  19. You might be able to buy a KWA/UMAREX slide from kwausa.com. I don't know if they will ship to hungary though, and the KWA/UMAREX slides do not have the most accurate trades. If/when Shooter's Design makes a kit for it, I can recommend that company wholeheartedly, they make top-notch stuff. -Vu
  20. Great review, there should be more comparison reviews like yours, it speaks volumes when you are able to compare and contrast sde-by-side. I just wish that this was based on the KSC/KWA M9, which I presonally prefer, it being more true-to-form and function. I also wish the STARS grips were available separately, I love that style of grip, and unfortunately, there isnt a real steel equivalent I can use.
  21. IMO the MP5 with the M4 stock, it looks better that a G36 with an M4 stock. Or an AK.
  22. The sights on my USP TACTICAL are real steel night sights. The ones fitted are the MEPROLIGHT adjustable set. I have a new front sight from Trijicon thats wider that matches the profile of the original tactical front sight. My MP5 currently has the full stock again, but now that my M4 has a rs Vltor stock with a 9.6 2000 battery in it, I might try the M4 stock on my MP5 again.
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