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    started april 07
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    CA m14 scout, tm Hi-cappa 5.1, Classic Army M15A4 C.Q.B. Compact Seal
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    United Kingdom

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    airsoft, mountain biking, getting drunk:)
  1. seniram666

    UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

  2. seniram666

    UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

    Yeh been looking only seems to be one US seller with them found an Asian retailer that has KSC one's I assume there the same ? ordered the Dangerwerx barrel adaptor, any one had any experience with fitting an amplifier to it carnt find much on youtube want to make it even louder LOL
  3. seniram666

    UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

    just been and picked up one of these, ive read up on the OOTB mods to do. man magazines are hard to find lol!!
  4. considering the aabb 1911 kit but put off by the pic of the pistol not lined up in the kit decisions decisions....


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