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  1. Here comes the question to all WOC owners:


    I'd like to have a VLTOR body but I can't make up my mind if it should be the G&P one of the King Arms one. The King Arms one sounds cheaper by 40USD (and given how weak the pound is against the dollar it is not something to sneeze at ). Does anyone know if the King Arms body is actually a good one, worth buying? Or should I stick with the G&P one?



  2. And now let's tune to our favourite series: Swannie and the Pro-win Mag.


    Episode 3: after being very frustrated and sad for I bought a mag that wouldn't work properly in my WOC I was close to sell it and buy some Gen 2 Bomber mags. Then came the thought: What if it is the wobbliness of the WOC body that makes my bolt stuck when I use the pro-win mag? Thought was followed by action: I went ahead and changed the standard front pin to the enhanced version (the one that tightens the upper and lower together).


    5 minutes later I was ready to do the test... and I WIN! the mag got in without a hitch, it was caught by the mag catch as God intended (I am not sure which one, let's settle with whichever God _you_ worship). Gun racked; bolt release held down to ensure it wouldn't get engageed; trigger squeezed and everything works juuuuust fine.


    So, now I am looking forward to buy 3-4 more of these pure wins. Sorry, pro-wins.


    *dances happily and makes silly faces*

  3. though I have to add that the pro-win mag isn't win at all. It is a nightmare to make sure the mag catch "catches" the mag and after I pull the trigger the bolt gets stuckin the rearmost position until I fiddle wit the upper receiver. THEN it slams back to where it should be.


    I have a bad feeling that I have to file away a few tenth of a millimeter on the mag..


    * Le Sigh *

  4. @elitesniper:


    - definite mag to buy: there is no definite mag yet. All currently available mags have their problems. Still, in terms of performance either buy the upgraded G&P mag (if you can still catch some) or the pro-win. They both can take red/top/green gas out of box so no need to disassemble and re-assemble them just so you can use your favorite high performance gas. However, as you can read from previous posts get ready to file bits and bobs from your pro-win mag to ensure it actually engages the mag catch.


    - ACM mag doesn't engage bolt catch : yes, it is a known issue with ACM mags. They are due to poor cloning :P Your best bet to fix the problem is to put a few layers of electrical tape on the lever on the mag. Make sure you use some glue as well to ensure they stay in place.


    - ACM mag lever on top : that lever/pin is to set the mag whether to allow the bolt catch lever to move. If set to "no" position then it will force the lever in a "down" position aka will never engage your bolt catch. I don't know from the top of my head which position is which, so just play with it and you'll see. Also, it is really stiff at first so you'll need some serious force to move that lever/pin from one position to another.


    Another advise : the original hop-up is a real POS. You may want to switch over to the RA-Tech one. Gives you much better performance, improves fps consistency and lowers the rate of jamming/double shots 10-fold. With the G&P hop I had shots ranging from 280fps-400fps with a 0.2 bb, rolling bbs out of the barrel, double, triple shots all the time. Same mag, same gas. With the Ra-tech hop I get 380-400, no rolling bbs, no double or triple shots.


    Peace out! :D

    EDIT: spelling, grammar, wording, etc

  5. From what I hear, G&P mags are copies of the WA mag like the Bomber mags. This means that o-ring replacement is likely, adding at least $9 to the cost of the mags.


    They state that the mags are already ready for Green gas use so it shouldn't be a problem.

  6. In order to make it skirmishable you'll spend a few bucks on it. My airsoft buddy just had me count how much I spent on my WOC (including all the accessories I bought speciafically for the WOC as well) and I am at 2145 USD at the moment.


    List of stuff you definitely should buy:


    - RA-Tech NPAS

    - precision barrel

    - RA-tech hop-up

    - winter buffer spring

    - O-ring upgrade for the mags to take green gas/propane


    I bought some extras as well:

    - VLTOR front end

    - silencer

    - stubby VFG

    - rail covers

    - EOtech 553 replica

    - QD swivels

    - Magpul replica UBR stock

    - new grip

    - 7 inch outer barrel

    - 7 mags,

    - RS Magpul MS2 sling

    - plastic hard carry case



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