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    KJW M4

    Raven1, if you do get the KJW m4 make sure to keep us updated here! Although I'll probably be keeping my WOC, I'd still like to know about this KJW m4 since I may have to end up getting one for a real skirmishable GBB m4...
  2. Kiki-Jiki

    KJW M4

    Alright, I've got a question for Donut and the others that have the KJW m4. How's the hop-up? I mean, consistency wise. If you can get it set up right, how consistent are shots? I love my G&P WOC, except for the hop-up. It's simply not very consistent...and if this KJW m4 is a functioning GBB that takes AEG parts and has a reliable hop-up system, I'm all for it.
  3. Sweet.... PMAGs for the WA GBBR system would be awesome now... Since this is the Magpul thread, does anybody know of somebody who has modded a RS PMAG to fit WA/Bomber/GHK mag internals? I thought I remembered seeing something one time, but I didn't see anything on GGi (ehh, maybe I just missed it?).
  4. Kiki-Jiki

    KJW M4

    Yeah I'd also like to know. So far this KJW m4 has sounded pretty promising, but I'm sure I could find two people who say their WE/WA/G&P/Ino/AGM/JG/etc... m4 GBB is awesome too. Anybody else got one? Hell, anybody else even have any problems with them at all?
  5. Looks pretty cool...and very cheap. KWP, do you know (or can you test) if WA upgrade bolt parts will fit? You said the AGM bolt carrier group was a bit too tight, and since that's a clone of the WA and the RA Tech bolt carrier group is a clone of that too that basically any other BCG is going to be too tight? Essentially what I'm getting at is: Can I buy the JG and drop in an RA Tech NPAS? Whether it's just the RA Tech NPAS nozzle or the entire bolt carrier set, it'd be nice to know.
  6. What's wrong with electrical tape? I used a couple little layers of e-tape on my old gun between the buffer tube and my CTR and it worked just fine. If you make it long enough (like almost the entire lenght of the buffer tube) the stock never comes off of it, so you don't run the risk of pulling the stock off of the tape then pushing it back on which can cause the tape to rip if the stock hits it right. If you get what I'm saying...maybe that wasn't very clear lol. By the way, awesome gun. Not a huge fan of the paint on the stock and suppressor, but otherwise absolutely gorgeous.
  7. A couple pics of me at a rec game today. Yes...I know, I really need a haircut. So don't say it.
  8. Here you go. If you need another one, let me know.
  9. Well I didn't modify it, but it is modified (got it used). Basically it looks like the front part was dremmeled out a bit. I'll take a couple pictures for you this evening.
  10. ^^^Don't mind the rifle in the background.
  11. Here's me at Op: Backdraft in Bangor, Michigan. Pretty good game, only thing I can really complain about is that some of the people on the other team weren't calling hits, but no game can be perfect.
  12. Well *suitcase*, that's basically what I'm going for with my WOC defender... FDE CTR, FDE MIAD, PEQ-15, FDE MBUS, etc... STOLE MY GUN!!! Looks beautiful though (except for the aimpoint micro IMO).
  13. Ahh ok thanks. I'll probably just stop being so lazy and take off the front rail to get the o-ring on.
  14. Just out of curiosity, does anybody know if the "Accu Wedge" would fit the G&P WOC? http://blackrifleworks.com/accu-wedge-p-134.html I have a good deal of wobble between my upper and lower receiver, and I got a #7 o-ring but I can't get it on without taking off the rail on my WOC (Defender rail), which is too much of a pain for me right now lol. So it looks like this Accu Wedge is supposed to fix the play between the upper and lower receiver and is really easy to install...anybody know if it'll work?
  15. I'll get some new pics eventually, but I just got this baby so I had to take some pics!
  16. Here's one I found online. Very neat on the real MIAD's, I've never noticed that!
  17. Oh hold on, the WOC has a commercial width buffer tube? Ok so I should buy the commercial MOE stock, not the Military width one... and a RS Magpul MIAD will work without any modification, right?
  18. Interesting... though I'm not really a fan of the phantom flashider. I think it looks a bit "big" for the gun.
  19. Sweet! Any chance you want to get a full review up on them?
  20. Hmm... I have a feeling this will be closed, but if not:
  21. Very nice! Is that the G&P WOC Defender? Or AEG?
  22. How is his AEG unbalanced? I think it looks perfectly fine as it is. I think putting an m203 on there would be quite possibly the ugliest thing he could do right now.
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