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  1. Good seller. Quick seller(same school lol).

  2. Bwahahaha, Whoring my sale hehe... I don't wanna sell this gun, but I want monies more... Link to the sale thread in my sig (more pics in sale thread btw lol) [/shameless plug]
  3. Yep, once screw in the front, 2 screws in the rear. Comes off cleanly. Any replacement sights that aren't a rail?
  4. Is there any easy way to get hopup into the 6mm version? Does the 8mm ACM version have hopup?
  5. Thanks! and QFT I have 7 STANAG locaps for that particular G36. It' would've been much more expensive to get the same amount of mags as a standard G36, plus I like the way the color flows better. While the mag does feel like it's going to fall out, they seem to hold in fine, and feed well, so I guess it's fine with me lol. KM Light Weight 200mm. I believe the diameter is 30mm, but on the inscription it says something like "40/200mm" so I could be mistaken. Hate armalites to death! Wouldn't let the failgun get near my collection that easily. The only ones I've ever c
  6. Bwahahaha, I feel like showing off my shiny newly acquired g36c, and posting my old g36 that I'm slowly removing paint from... I'm surprised there aren't to many STANAG conversions in this thread...
  7. Hehe, thanks guys! I actually found the briefcase lying on top of a trash can at my university, and figured since it was unlocked and empty, someone was getting rid of it so I snatched it up and cleaned it TBH the case only normally caries the TMP and one M11. I doubt I could fit another M11 in there with silencer. The second pic is mainly for show. The silencers I have are actually real steel Cobray barrel attachments that are basically giant heavy steel tubes. Look nice, and give the gun a nice weight distribution when shouldered, but make the gun useless one handed. [Nor
  8. This is terrible! at least it looks like its on correctly... Suppressor is definitely not too heavy, but its definitely in the path of the BB. I plan on getting a longer barrel
  9. Delicious briefcase of doom My lovely pair
  10. THIS THREAD LACKS F2000S! Is it just me, or is the threaded barrel on the extension so badly threaded that BBs hit the inside of a long suppressor? Or is that just the ballistics of my particular gun? Either way I'm going to find a way to fix it...
  11. im in ur profile leavin sum comments

  12. Star. I don't know if it's stock, but I'll assume so. It's running off of 3v right now, but I plan to mod it to something higher so the motor can keep up. The good thing is that all you need to do is turn it on, close the back and it'll feed!
  13. Quite hot indeed lol. I'm trying to get used to it, but it feels pretty fun to run around in all of that
  14. Where'd you get such a h00ge barrel for your top p90?
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