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    classic army G36, tokyo marui mk23 socom, tokyo marui Colt Python 6", L96 Sniper rifle. viper LAPD assault vest, viper dump bag, flecktarn cammo.
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    outdoor pursuits generally (camping, hiking, cycling, absailing, airsoft)
  1. immutep

    What's your backup?

    viper do a good range of holsters depending on wether you want drop leg modular or belt type for a high cappa i'd recommend the adjustable holster. a good stockist i know sells all the viper and webtex range and the p&p is fixed at £3.95 to anywhere in britain regardless of how much you order so if you want anything else it's worth giving them a look. www.valiantsupplies.com that's a link to the shop, they haven't got everything on there but they do stock the lot so you can call them up and they'll get you what you need and their prices are really good too! bought most of my kit off them, really good customer service

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