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    Hooked on airsoft. Officionado of any Tokyo Marui GBB pistol.

    Owned guns:

    GBB's and NBB's -
    TM: P226, Python, 1911, Detonics, Five-seveN, Desert Eagle, Glock 17
    KSC: G17, G18c, G19, Cz75, MP7
    Maruzen M11
    WA Hardballer
    Tanaka P229
    Socom Gear Noveske N4

    AEG's and others -
    TM: Beta Spetsnaz, Sig 552, Super90, G36c
    A&K: M249 para, M60 VN
    CYMA AK-47S
    Renegadecow M79
  1. I wanted a GBB MP5 since I started playing, but I'll probably wait until WE drops a "new" version or whatnot.
  2. Hey guys, I haven't used my RM4 in more than 1 year, so I brought it to the shop to get the bits and pieces lubed up. Problem is... guys at the shop said they couldn't open up the gearbox because they couldn't disassemble the mag release. In general terms, I was told that there's this screw holding the mag release in place and they couldn't get it to move without fear of breaking something... due to the screw being tightly threadlocked or whatnot. The shop even gave me my money back. Anyone else had this happen?
  3. So after more than 1 year in storage, I took out my 870 tactical today and noticed that my gas reservoir bloated to the point where it's difficult to remove from the stock. Damn shame as I only use 134a gas. Any fix for this? Not too keen on buying a new gas tank, unless Marui or someone tweaked the original design.
  4. Anyone know the best way to protect our rm4s from the rain? Im a long time gbb user and i dont have much exp in this regard.
  5. Got mine recently and it is pretty sweet. What really sold me was the electric cut-off feature, moreso than the recoil. I must say im not a huge fan of AEGs but the RM4 changed my mind. Recoil feels similar to a KJ GBB on 134a in 35Cish weather - not bad! Not at all bothered by the slight delay in the shooting-recoil mechanism, which is quite negligible to me. Probably going to downgrade my battery from an 11.1v lipo to a 7.4v, despite the manufacturer's recommendation to use the former. Even if doing so will slow down the ROF, i feel like the 7.4v will give me peace of mind in that
  6. Try getting a Pantac rifle/shotgun cheek pad. It has a strap that goes over the butt pad and should prevent it from falling off.
  7. So about maintenance, which parts should be lubed? Manual doesnt help much in this regard. Id rather not spray oil into the shells as the bbs will spread the oil onto the hop up.
  8. Im also experiencing the 5-shot problem on mine. From a certain point of view, its actually quite nice since i get an "extra" shot per shell. But i am concerned about its long-term effects (if any). Still a fun piece of kit nonetheless!
  9. So just to reiterate, using a sling on the m870 is NOT recommended? I just got mine today and was thinking about how sturdy it is.
  10. Ordered mine locally and I sincerely hope it's not part of the recalled batch of defective units. I don't remember Marui ever issuing a recall-notice in the 7 years I've been into airsoft.
  11. mellvis

    KJW M4

    Awesome, problem solved. Nice avatar, BTW. Mine's actually a piggy bank.
  12. mellvis

    KJW M4

    So... the wobbly stock is normal, right? It doesn't bother me much. What I'm thinking is that the thing is wobbly because it's about to fall apart soon? BTW, I just got my KJW about a month ago. Wish I could go back in time to stop myself from buying a WE.
  13. Had the chance to go to Hong Kong over the holidays. I saw a lovely Umarex (I presume it's VFC-based) MP5 SD5 prototype at WGC.
  14. Hi guys. I am distressed about reading what happened to your nozzles. I saw spares online. My question is, is it recommended to get a spare aluminum nozzle? Or should I stick to the polymer or plastic ones.
  15. How's the blowback action on duster or 134a gas? I presume you did your test shots using propane or green gas.
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