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  1. Finally got to use my SOPMOD for a few games. With the Lipo I like it even more then my G36k. Never thought that I would say that. the difference between the battery that TM supplies and a Lipo is incredible. It is a tight fit with the gun wired to the front. I will never look back as stated earlier.I recommend this mod to anyone that wants the SOPMOD.
  2. For my g36 my local store (Impact Games) flipped the wiring to the back, installed a KV stock. Running everything stock internals. I use a 7.4 20c lipo. Gun is a beast. Same setup I am using on all my stock guns.
  3. Switched the wiring of my SOPMOD to the front and using a 7.1 lipo. Never looking back, this gun is now AWESOME.Have also come to the conclusion after my experiences with this gun and the Type 97 that I will never again deal with proprietary batteries.
  4. I carry my mags in a Blackhawk EOD Crossdraw vest.
  5. Impact Games in Hawaii 808 486 3417
  6. In order to add different hand guards or gls you will need to shave some plastic on the gas block. I had mine rewired to the back with a kv stock and I am running 7.4 lipos in it. It is awesome. Stupid fast tho. Eats standards, in less than 3 seconds it is empty. I think that a 11.1 will be to strong, putting to much strain on the mechbox or piston but of course I am no tech.On another TM that I am running a 11.1 on i cracked the piston in half in two days. On my friends M4 the same thing is happening.So far on my EBB G36 I have only put about 1500 rounds through it. But in that time it hasbec
  7. That Famas with the g36 rail is BEAUTIFUL....... Gonna buy another famas
  8. Hey that's my 60! God I feel tiny......
  9. I guess with this new rule I will drop out as I don't like to post on forums. Enjoyed reading everything but the main reason was to search the classifieds. At least the wallet won't hurt as much.
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