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  1. It's worth looking at UKPSA and Four4Islands. They are probably the two main practical shooting organisations in the UK, and you'll find courses and matches to get involved in. You are right in that a lot more people would possibly be interested in shooting sports if there was more practical stuff available. Sadly, there is a large chunk of the shooting community who see any form of practical shooting (unless it is CSR with a No. 4 Enfield...) as an activity that only psychopaths and SAS wannabes would do.
  2. Sadly for the most part it is. Too many stuffy old *fruitcage*ers who had it good until they sold each other out through all the bans. It's only recently the NRA has really started to accept 'practical' shooting too. The Target Shotgun course I was hoping to go on is what they call practical shotgun with all the fun that entails, but the courses are few and far between.
  3. The Target Shotgun course I was hoping to do down at Bisley is fully booked. Why the hell do they insist on paper applications when an online booking option would be so much easier? The NRA is truest backward in some regards.
  4. I'm not looking forward to the prospect of it! Hoping to move within the year if all things work out.
  5. Just finishing a week in the Peak District. I haven't had this many freckles since I lived in the desert. Also hoping to go buy a Fabia today so my megane will be a megone. This may or may not lead to the purchase of a Mosin Nagant if I have some spare cash laying around.
  6. Not today, but this weekend I got to have a catch up with one of the organisers of Operation East Wind when he was over here in the UK for War and Peace. 300 miles is nothing for me to travel when he has come about 3000 miles. Impressed with some of the living histroy areas too.
  7. I was in Blackpool last night for a stand up comedy night. It was actually pretty good, but the place was a dive! I felt like I was going on an episode of Pheonix Nights. I also knew I wouldn't get rinsed by the comedians because half the crowd looked like they had just come from the set of Jeremy Kyle so they were much easier targets than me. It is a dump though. Preston is also a dump for the most part, with surprisingly nice bits. It's like someone hiding gems in a overflowing portaloo. If you want to get to them, you have you go through all the *suitcase*.
  8. If she is your bezzie, then you should be able to tell her to stop being a *rickroll*.
  9. Booked into The Outpost this Sunday. Game gets cancelled. Try to book into the Mall. Can't see how to actually book. Does anyone know how to actually book places? Can't seem to find a link or option on the site to book, nor a forum where there is a booking thread.
  10. Reloading is perfectly legal as long as you have the slot on your ticket for whatever it is you make and how much you make. It's considered the best way to achieve greater accuracy for competition, at least, and once you have all the kit then it is a lot cheaper than factory! It's also one of the ways people can use some of the larger pistol calibres indoors, by downloading the cartridge so it is under the limits for the range. Sadly, it costs a fortune to actually get set up and is another hobby in itself. It's handy to have someone in your club that has all the kit and knowledge, and wil
  11. That 65p is for factory ammo. I have a couple hundred homebrew stuff that cost around 50p to put together but could probably be done cheaper. Then there is surplus 7.62 NATO that can be had reasonably cheap too. Not ideal for precision stuff, but if your main goal is to make a load noise and put a hole in the black, it's more than good enough. I spent £600 on a S/H nicely shooting .308 with scope, mount and rings all in from a guy at the club. There are quite a few cheaper options (there is a CZ550 with mag and bipod for £400 on gunstar at the moment), but just as much quite a few more exp
  12. Apparently a local RFD close to me tried placing a 250k round order with Eley, and they were told they couldn't have it because it was all being produced for the Yanks. Eley is a British manufacturer too!
  13. I can appreciate the cost aspect. I am finding fullbore pretty expensive on ammo, but rimfire is cheap as chips compared! 6p-ish a shot for .22lr, or 65p-ish a shot for .308. I can have a good few details on Friday night for a tenner at the indoor range. £250 for a second hand, well looked after 10/22 is less than I have spent on decent AEGs. I could pick up a mosin nagant for about the same price too, and then you are only look at 35p a bang with surplus ammo.
  14. Even fullbore rifle is an old person's game. Just go down to any range and the vast majority seem to be 50+, with lots past retirement age. Hardly any younger people.
  15. One trip out, we had two guys in A+E. One got his foot caught in the wheel when landing and dislocated it, another tried to avoid a collision at high speed and was flung off in front of the other, who promptly turned his right arm into a 7 hour jigsaw puzzle for the doctors as he rode over him. Good times!
  16. I hate camels with a passion. Careful going over the dunes at speed, you will possibly take off and do yourself a mischief if you aren't careful.
  17. Still looks like a pretty awesome place to play! I am forever jealous of the games you guys have.
  18. Holy *fruitcage* *suitcase*! You've posted about your weight loss, but I couldn't really visualise it. Good going that man!
  19. That is awesome! Also, the extent of pre-workout for me has only ever been a couple of pro-plus because I went before work. All those different ones out there, and plenty of conflicting info on what actually works.
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