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  1. Been running her in this configuration for a while now
  2. CK is probably judging from the orientation of the Pmags in your pouches (am i right?). Lefthanded shooters usually have them, bottoms pointing left. But maybe you just put 'em in for the photo? Nice bit of kit btw.
  3. Lower only is so CoD:MW, do the complete gun
  4. Ran through a door at a cqb-site once, with my gun horizontal across the chest, my ICS m4 broke in exactly the same place. So I know the feeling. It was pretty easy to source a new lower and I think you'll have a good chance of getting a new one yourself, when contacting VFC directly.
  5. That's looking sick pkekyo! Love the color-combination.
  6. Recently finished the restoration of a friends Series III Landy, on which we've been working together for the past four years. Going to drive her up to Sweden this summer for Berget, where I'll be the designated driver Pics with the team:
  7. My babies which - thanks to a new dutch law - I call finally keep at home Both work in progress..
  8. [NL]Infinity


    Is it the complete G&P replica or the conversion-kit? Bought a G&P DMR in pieces a while back, which according to the previous owner, had feeding issues out of the box (with the original G&P mag). Wonder if you had the same issues. Cheers!
  9. For the 416 i can see the point, since they seem lighter and more comfortable to hold than the standard HK forearm. Plus the 416 version is made to work with the HK upper (flattop-rail sits higher than on a regular AR) and most other rails dont. For a regular AR, i dont see the advantages either, except for the 416-style barrelnut maybe. Looks quite solid and you dont have to bother with gastube-alignment anymore, but i guess in AS that doesnt really matter They sure look good though.. Yup and in one of the last replies the author confirms that the rail fits a VFC 4
  10. Alpenflage/alpentarn is actually swiss, but I think it would be quite a good match
  11. It is. What do you think looks weird?
  12. Standard TM P226 Nineball soft bucking Nineball 6.03 barrel SF X200
  13. My MK18-impression M727 in progress; awaiting new grip & stock
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