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  1. Do you guys really not know??? There's your answer. Yet, the global population continues to increase. Even with one of the largest populations (China) making a concerted effort to lower the average by allowing only 1 child. For over 40 years!!!!!!!!!! Greg.
  2. No. Increasing longevity does, obviously, temporarily stop the population from decreasing. But: The population increases, because we keep reproducing, NOT because people don't die, or as you put it, we, 'slow aging'. Goodness, how pedantic of me! Greg.
  3. 1, Er, cost? Note I said Globally. What you suggest would have a global impact. But even locally, I doubt the NHS could fund what you suggest, after all, they are currently denying cancer patients life saving treatments. Penicillin has been around so long it is now almost redundant (immunity etc.) & in all that time it has only been truly available to less than 30% of the global population. 2, Agreed, they are (rightly) focused on the 'fix', not how it will be applied. It ain't their fault that economics restrict the use of costly technology. 3, Will do. 4, Agreed. Greg
  4. Local dental hospital?????? What is that? Do we have that sort of thing in West Landern? Thanks, I'll check it out on the net, see what pops up. I tried my gp, he just told me to go to my dentist. Greg.
  5. Remember, all the things you suggest would only be available for a small minority. Probably not you or any other Arnie contributor & definately not the likes of scum like me. Just sit back & spend a few days thinking about what this would genuinely mean for global sociaty as a whole. Don't we have enough division already? Wouldn't the evil scientist's time, be better spent trying to close the gaps, not make them even wider? Mind you, long term you could have a point: Aftersay 1000 years, there could be very few of the scum under class leaft alive, thus solving most, if not
  6. Blimey, that's a lot of latters. * 1, Agreed. 3 of the dentists at my local practice all chipped in to give me my current options. I suppose I have currently had 3, 'opinions' but I wonder if they kind of count as 1, as they are all from the same practice?????? I'll get my finger out. Any one know exactly how you go about getting a second opinion via nhs dentists? Do you have to find & register at another nhs practice, 'cos that will prove a real problem in my area. 2, The nerve was removed about 5 years ago via a rout canal job. Thus there is very little pain. I think I would
  7. Umarex/KWA ones are at Fire support for £250. Greg.
  8. 1, Thank you for pointing that out. I had thought it myself, toxic shock & all that. The dentist is aware of what's going on but had not mentioned anything like that. I should follow it up, as I suspect you could be right. 2, Don't get me started. Greg.
  9. Todays rant,,,,,,,,,,,,,, & a warning to you all: Age & my teeth. So I'm getting even older & as the days go by, my body becomes less & less useful. My sex drive is minimal & despite having it on a plate I'm literally *fruitcage*ed for a few days after a good sesh. Adrenalin sports are more a chore than exciting but I carry on, as I know no better. This year's crop of problems have been my teeth! Until now, one of my most reliable tools. A few months back while eating some chocolate one just exploded into bits, resulting in a £200 bill for a fairly uncomfort
  10. It is a fact that some of us work 'better' under pressure. It's why some folk do well in pressure environments & others don't. Like you, I thrive on it & therefore generate pressurized situations to get the best out of myself. I kind of go all 'matrix time' when the *suitcase* starts to fly. I'm sure it's been proven scientifically & to do with adrenalin or something. It is a handy thing to recognize in yourself, especially if you are prone to boredom or depression. To be at your best, you need to be doing stuff, don't sit & stare for too long. The funniest exa
  11. It's a real shame that the 'degree' has become so diluted. Once upon a time, if someone had a degree (except 'sociology') it was almost a guarantee that they were 'clever'. Even if they didn't come with 'a clue' or 'common sense', at least you could virtually guarantee they had the ability to 'learn & retain'. Thus, graduates were sought after, as it was believed that stuck in any given situation, they would be able to 'figure out' the 'best' solution. Shame. I spent a lot of time in the States back in the '80's & they were so impressed with UK education because they saw th
  12. 50%?? Jesus. In my year (a long time ago) only about 10% made 'A' levels in 6th form & about half of those went to uni. Which was about the norm, so 5%, ish? I think. & not everyone passed! No wonder degrees these days are seen as having little value. If only 20% got enough 'o' levs to do A's & these days half the students can get a degree,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we have either bread a race of super geniuses, or, Degrees just ain't as hard as they used to be. I guess the super genius race was the aim but I have a sneaky suspicion we are far from it.
  13. Currently land based C&G Arb & Hort stuff but in the past, it's been the same for various language courses (GCSE) & biz studies. I think that one was a national diploma or something, a long time ago. When I left school, I seriously don't remember having to pay uni fees. Mind you, I don't remember what I had for breakfast or the last time I got layed these days. Probably toast & jam & it seems like ages but must have been some time last week . But that's only a guess 'cos my back still hurts a bit. If the situation has changed, it would explain why so many of
  14. He-he. Is it different for Uni then? I genuinely thought that the course fees were waived if you stated before 19! You then of course had to support yourself, food, lodgings & beer by working the weekends/evenings or poncing off your middle class parents. When did this change? & why wasn't I informed? You can get a loan? Can I get a loan? & why are the courses that I have taken 'free' for sub 19's, if uni has to be paid for? I really need a proper answer, as I'll be up all night pondering this one. Greg.
  15. What ever works for you mate. If you're entitled & in genuine need of social support, take the concession. That's what it's there for. & I take my hat of to ya, paying your own way through uni ain't cheap. Well done. How come you had to pay fees? I thought you was a youngling? Greg.
  16. Simple answer is because that's how much it costs. You never really appreciate that, until you have to pay for it out of your own pocket. It's one of the reasons why old tax paying coggers like me begrudge 'paying' for time waster students etc. Please note, I say, 'time waster students'. My comments are not aimed at any one doing a worthwhile course that will allow them in turn to contribute to society. Ben, I do sympathize. I do a lot of courses to keep up within my chosen industries. I get very frustrated at the vast expense I incur. What always hurts more, is finding out, t
  17. I did it for a week out of choice. I had a well paid job at the time & took a weeks holiday to work at my local Mickie D's. I'd always been a fan of the clown & wondered what it was like to work there, how it all worked etc. I had a great time & was impressed by how well it was run. Wages were poo but that's society for ya. Personaly I'd be happy to pay 20% more if wages rose acordingly. Of course our 'system' will never alow that, so unlucky all round. I used to put my tray back before I worked there, so this had very little bearing on my belief that I was doing the ri
  18. Not true, I appreciate & look after it. It's the corner stone of most of my business & this is the first time in 11 years of ownership that it has let me down. It's allegedly fixed now: £200 for a recon distributor module. Fingers crossed that's it. My bike got wet! Gutter, as it's a Yamaha & probably going to turn into a pile of rust now! (I base this on personal experience of all the other Yamahas I've had, that have seen rain & started to rust away, almost immediately. & the spots of rust I found while drying it off with a tea towel this morning. There was ev
  19. My cars up the pipe! Which wouldn't be so annoying if the weather was good, as I prefer to use my bike when it's nice. Irony: I only need a car when it rains & when it rains, my car goes wrong. Greg.
  20. I used to be both an instructor & a model of driving excellence. Now I've given all that up & drive like a *Ubar*. Same as everyone else. I got fed up with being the only paladin in a world of scum. I guess the difference is, most folk are blissfully unaware that they are *suitcase* drivers, where as I'm perfectly equipped to point out all of my driving faux-pass. Once upon a time, folk took pride in their driving & bad driving was the exception. Now, it's an every man for himself situation & 'good driving' is rare as rocking horse *suitcase*. If I can single out o
  21. Once you've passed & been driving for a while, you'll understand. Agreed, give it a try, see how long you last. It's not true Guzz, you just haven't found one you like yet. BTW, the WR250X is really working for me, it weighs next to nothing, does a million, million, million mpg, over 100mph (although anything over 75 is nuts-crazy-windy), corners better than a full blown racer at sub 70mph, turns plenty of heads & stomps off road. After over 25 years of biking, including racing & riding classics like the TZR, YZF & R1, this bike is the most fun I've had since my
  22. Is that really the sort of attitude that will get you a job thses days? 'Cos' I tell ya, I wouldn't employ it. Greg.
  23. A few years back I was involved in a bit of 'job seeking'. I was lucky that my employer paid for me to spend time with an employment specialist. A bit like the fairy job mother character currently on telly. The folk that I was with were called Hurst Associates, are bloody expensive & pretty good. They helped me on my way & a lot of what they covered stuck with me. One of the items was that they reckoned over 80% of job placements are through 'people you know'. Obviously you don't want to ignore all the other options but they positively encouraged you to publicise your availabil
  24. As stated before, I'm using Viper & Guarder pistol mags, no probs. Greg.
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