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  1. Where the hells your magic pad gone? :(

  2. Look at the top navigation bar; click 'My Controls' (should be in bold) On the Menu side bar in here, scroll down to 'Personal Profile' In this section click the sub heading 'Edit Avatar Settings' Enjoy!
  3. ###### is unfiltered. Needs a word. Load of ####s means lady of the in night might be erohw backwards
  4. Remove that avatar immediately. It's making me question my sexuality. :(:P

  5. It has its reasons though, if i had 'Death to all muslims' tattoo'd on my face in arabic, it wouldn't go down well. Tattoos aren't neat and tidy anyway you look at them, and its another method of keeping the persons body uniformed. (Hair length for example.)
  6. Cheers! (Didn't think about checking the damned website..) It wasn't gunna be anything huge anyway. But I heard that lower arm are frowned upon, but on a potential officers course, the NCO taking us on the endurance run had some very cool tribal tattoos (they represent one band for each enemy tribe member you've killed, he insisted the 6 he displayed were true) and some arabic down his forearm which he refused to translate.
  7. Corset piercings just speak of S+M to me.. On another note, can anyone tell me about UK forces (specifically Royal Marines) and their views on tattoos? I'm joining after Uni, hopefully as an officer, but am thinking about getting some ink.. Whats the rules?
  8. I'm bored k? I wanted to see some more postays..
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