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  1. buggyr333

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I just got an HP HBAR kit, and it has great build quality. I'll break down the problems with it though. 1. Barrel lengths suggested seem to be wrong. It seems every length barrel besides very short ones will bounce around without spending some time with spacing (even 650mm). To make mine work I took an extra aug metal barrel jacket (the metal tube that holds the back part of the barrel in place inside of the outer barrel) and sawed it down, and filed it to fit perfectly with the flash hider, so now I essentially have a two piece barrel jacket that goes all of the way to the inside of the flash hider. I have heard of others being able to use 650mm and 590mm barrels without modification though, so it could just be that mine is weird. 2. Mine arrived with some light rust on it. I think it looks good like that though 3. The springs that hold the legs in place are held in by nothing but the legs themself, so if you pull the legs out by mistake (can easily happen while adjusting) the springs can be lost. But that is a simple fix as I just glued them to the adjustment button. The overall build quality is excellent and impressively solid. It makes actually makes the gun about a pound heavier than the real AUG HBAR though (unloaded). If you get it, be prepared to do some work to make an inner barrel work if yours is like mine.
  2. buggyr333

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I have started a thread about this, but I'm hoping I'll get better responses here. So I plan on getting a Hexagon Productions HBAR kit for my JG Auga1. I think I had heard somewhere that if you use a barrel shorter than 650mm, the inner barrel will bounce around inside.(May have been only the boom arms kit, but I was under the impression that the HP was a clone of the BA) But Ive also heard that people use 600mm barrels in them (even suggests that on the Hexagon website). Also I do not want to get such a long barrel because I don't want to have to buy a 60$+ bore up kit. So my question is, can I use a shorter inner barrel? and what is the longest I can have in there without needing a bore up cylinder kit? (I heard 590 somewhere, So that's what I was thinking) And if I was to get a 650mm barrel, would I REALLY need a bore up kit? what kind of FPS droppage should I expect? (I plan on running a Stock JG spring with full cylinder and element silent piston head)
  3. buggyr333

    SIG Picture Thread

    Not diggin that sight. Everything else about it seems pretty cool though
  4. buggyr333

    SIG Picture Thread

    My JG Sig550 DMR(ish) With my 552 (no longer in service) I plan on replacing it with a G&G gs550 whenever I get the money

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