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  1. I don't think anyone knows. The C02 mags aren't set to drop until January I believe.
  2. I'm glad that the bolt catch fiasco has been sorted out. Has there been any accuracy tests yet? I'm dying to see if this is worth scrapping my current DMR project for to provide funds for this bad oscar.
  3. If it's so neglected, just give it to me. I'll give it plenty of love. On a serious note, easily the my favorite gun on this forum. Period.
  4. Agreed, and that kit is of impressive quality. Maybe I will reconsider picking up that Kimber kit.........
  5. Nice Junior, that Duracoat turned out nicely. Very sexy.
  6. Every time I see that Operator, I can't get over how beautiful it is. Nicely done man, I am quite jealous.
  7. HOTTT. That rail looks good on there too; too bad the torch will stick out way far Edit: What flavor of Duracoat are you using?
  8. They have them at UNCO. $60 is quite pricey, but they look nice, and are weighted I believe.
  9. I'm glad someone finally followed that up! It was a perfect setup. Back to topic.
  10. 4th: Where did you get that slide for your 4.3 furthest to the right? It looks pretty nice.
  11. Awww, he's just a little guy.
  12. One word: gorgeous. Edit: How's the build quality? I was thinking of picking one up before, and I may just have to do that. However, $400 is rather steep, though it is a unique kit indeed.
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