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  1. My first review I bought these about 1 1/2 months ago to supplement my other hi capacity magazines. They were cheaper than the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capacity magazines by a few dollars so i figured "why not try them out". My initial reaction was WOW! These magazines are definately lighter than the TM by a fair margin. They are about the same weight as my MAG midcaps give or take a couple grams and about 30% lighter than a regular TM . With a capacity of a whopping 380 rounds but retaining the same dimensions as the Tokyo Marui Hi Cap, it was certainly worth getting. A side by side com
  2. Jsres

    $1K club.

    here is my Big E-Pns
  3. My new toy TM AK47 shooting 370. Project gun
  4. Jsres


    we are required to use full PB masks...aiming is pretty hard with full masks...
  5. after seeing some of these guns i feel a bit shamed of posting mines came with 3 mags
  6. thanks . it is a GREAT PLEASURE, even more so than my dual G23Fs. dual glocks dont even come close in comparison to what the Xtremes can do.
  7. Jsres


    Zombie Killer M4 Parts list G&P Zombie Killer MBK Madbull JP Rifles 12" Handguard Laylax Flat grade "slim" suppressor 250mm Guarder 3-9x40mm R/G Illuminated scope TRS Riser CA SPR Grip CA Full Stock CA Harris Bipod shoots around 490 with a decent ROF.
  8. lol yes but i had the shop make it full-stroke instead of short stroke...had them make it that way so A) it locks back on the last shot so i know that im out of ammo and B ) to cut down on ammo consumption.
  9. Chow Yun Fat movies anyone? . just got it back yesterday after spending a day in the shop. more pics in the 2011 thread
  10. finally aquired my second TM Hi-Capa Xtreme with PGC metal slide picture of both with all the mags to power these bb consuming guns
  11. couple of new toys stock KWA M93RII. plastic slide and barrel. good fun. stock TM Samurai Edge Std. Model. i wanted new stuff
  12. how is the blowback? is it green/propane capable or is it strictly a 134a gun?
  13. lol thanks. tho it never snows in hawaii...i painted it to match with my german winter camo that i got on the cheap. people always ask why i wear it...my response is that "its different"
  14. Xtreme Hi-Capa just came home after getting a PGC Slide Installed. Had them remove the short stroke buffer and now it kicks much better than my glocks. 1st pic is with the regular 4.3 and the Xtreme 4.3.
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