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  1. Jsres


    we are required to use full PB masks...aiming is pretty hard with full masks...
  2. Jsres

    SIG Picture Thread

    after seeing some of these guns i feel a bit shamed of posting mines came with 3 mags
  3. Jsres


    Zombie Killer M4 Parts list G&P Zombie Killer MBK Madbull JP Rifles 12" Handguard Laylax Flat grade "slim" suppressor 250mm Guarder 3-9x40mm R/G Illuminated scope TRS Riser CA SPR Grip CA Full Stock CA Harris Bipod shoots around 490 with a decent ROF.
  4. Jsres

    Pics of your Gear

    well honestly i just started buying gear not to long ago (probably within the last 6 months) yet ive been playing actively playing for the last 6 years and have been into this sport for 10 years(new guns always got priority over gear back when)
  5. Jsres

    Pics of your Gear

    Pantac SVS Personal Body Armor BlackHawk! Plate Carrier (Husky) 6x SDS Double M4 Magazine pouches 2x Guarder Dump Pouches 2x Guarder Linear Pouches 1 SDS double pouch (my radio pouch) yes i know it doesnt match but if it works might as well right? later on down the line will be getting a woodland molle vest EDIT: forgot to add that i have my Pro-Tec knee pads in there
  6. Jsres

    Glock Picture Thread

    well it certainly looks nice...and if in combat you run out of bbs/gas you can always ask a team mate and they might have a spare mag?
  7. Jsres

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

  8. Jsres

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    200mm?? i know there is longer like that one on the MP7. so no i dont take the "who has the longest silencer" award. that is a NcStar 2-7x32 P4 Sniper. eye relief is so so. i like it cuz it has that acog-ish look (please dont flame me). and no i just built it on a budget.its less than $275 for all the parts swap, gun, and PPA adapter. i already had the silencer and the scope. i built it more for average speed and so so power. i still need to find a normal magwell, rails and iron sights. though with the noveske sound amplifier it sounds like pure sechs.
  9. Jsres

    Glock Picture Thread

    honestly i dont know the manufacturer. it came in a non descript box that just had the gun designation on it
  10. Jsres

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    are we playing "who has the longest silencer game" my new toy. TM G36C with PPA adapter, CA Large Foregrip for the large batteries and NcStar P4 Sniper 2-7x32. shooting at 330fps even though our limit is 400. silencer attached is a Mode 2 "Fat" suppressor. Flat Grade. other barrel attachments include a Noveske Sound Amplifier, Mode 2 HK Suppressor Double Flat Grade and TM New Type Tracer Unit.
  11. Jsres

    Glock Picture Thread

    yes i like it very very much. stupid plain KWA slide. as long as it has trades im happy with it. shoots good but real test will be next week.
  12. Jsres

    Glock Picture Thread

    just got my trademarked G23F slide installed today. i loves it and looks and feels more awesome. base is a KWA.
  13. Jsres

    What's your backup?

    it was dual KWA G18c now it switched to dual KWA G23F...the semi compact frame feels good and its a bit better balanced than the 18C even with the 50 rd hicap mag inserted
  14. Jsres

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    got bored and swapped my outer barrels for a little while
  15. Jsres

    Glock Picture Thread

    nice pistol there whosloosin92...even though i have had a bad experience with the kjw glock it is still a very nice gun. this is the family shot of my glocks...all of them are KWA ...all of them are metal slided the two black ones are both 23Fs for those times ...both are HurricanE kitted and 4 of 5 hicaps are hi-flowed the top of the two has a PDI barrel while the bottom doesnt. (as for the velcro on the top 23f its to keep my hands warm during night games ) silver is a 19...got it in a trade since im in that phase not shown is my 18c and my 26c which are currently used for parts for the 23fs

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