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  1. 001-29.jpg


    Zombie Killer M4


    Parts list


    G&P Zombie Killer MBK

    Madbull JP Rifles 12" Handguard

    Laylax Flat grade "slim" suppressor 250mm

    Guarder 3-9x40mm R/G Illuminated scope

    TRS Riser

    CA SPR Grip

    CA Full Stock

    CA Harris Bipod


    shoots around 490 with a decent ROF.

  2. Interesting choice in colors. But if it works it works.


    well honestly i just started buying gear not to long ago (probably within the last 6 months) yet ive been playing actively playing for the last 6 years and have been into this sport for 10 years(new guns always got priority over gear back when) ;)

  3. 003-16.jpg





    Pantac SVS Personal Body Armor

    BlackHawk! Plate Carrier (Husky)

    6x SDS Double M4 Magazine pouches

    2x Guarder Dump Pouches

    2x Guarder Linear Pouches

    1 SDS double pouch (my radio pouch)


    yes i know it doesnt match but if it works might as well right? later on down the line will be getting a woodland molle vest


    EDIT: forgot to add that i have my Pro-Tec knee pads in there

  4. depends....how long is ur silencer?


    200mm?? i know there is longer like that one on the MP7. so no i dont take the "who has the longest silencer" award.



    Jsres, your g36 is a beast....what sight have you got on it?


    that is a NcStar 2-7x32 P4 Sniper. eye relief is so so. i like it cuz it has that acog-ish look (please dont flame me). and no i just built it on a budget.its less than $275 for all the parts swap, gun, and PPA adapter. i already had the silencer and the scope. i built it more for average speed and so so power. i still need to find a normal magwell, rails and iron sights. though with the noveske sound amplifier it sounds like pure sechs. :):):):D

  5. are we playing "who has the longest silencer game" :P:D







    my new toy. TM G36C with PPA adapter, CA Large Foregrip for the large batteries and NcStar P4 Sniper 2-7x32. shooting at 330fps even though our limit is 400. silencer attached is a Mode 2 "Fat" suppressor. Flat Grade. other barrel attachments include a Noveske Sound Amplifier, Mode 2 HK Suppressor Double Flat Grade and TM New Type Tracer Unit.

  6. nice pistol there whosloosin92...even though i have had a bad experience with the kjw glock it is still a very nice gun.




    this is the family shot of my glocks...all of them are KWA ;) ...all of them are metal slided ;)


    the two black ones are both 23Fs for those :gun2: times :lol: ...both are HurricanE kitted and 4 of 5 hicaps are hi-flowed

    the top of the two has a PDI barrel while the bottom doesnt. (as for the velcro on the top 23f its to keep my hands warm during night games :lol: )


    silver is a 19...got it in a trade since im in that phase :crazy:


    not shown is my 18c and my 26c which are currently used for parts for the 23fs :blink:

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