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  1. Pic request (don't mind if it's RS): unpainted M4 with LE stock, standard foregrip, and chopped-handle style BUIS? I saw one in this thread a while back, but 98 pages is a helluva lot... Thanks!
  2. +2 TM, but personally I'd see if I could convince the giver to get me a Cyma + $200 worth of internal upgrades
  3. So with the lighter, you're searing the krylon, right?
  4. Nope, not that I know of. You'll have to do a custom.
  5. anyone have a black hawk down-style M14 (the guy who was trying to secure the second crash)? Long m14, non-aimpoint red dot on a low rail by the stock, and stock + heatsheild painted a dusty desert scheme? Saw the movie today, it looked pretty kickass
  6. Are the Meister g17 mags any good? They're mighty tempting at $14...
  7. Is the aimpoint in a comfortable position with the mount backwards like that? The scout mount has always seemed just a little bit too far for the looks of things, but what you did would help.
  8. That paint is awesome
  9. Woops, didn't mean to start an argument. I think I'll wait out for Dboys to release their longer models (not the AKSU) in full steel--that would be exactly what i'm looking for.
  10. Random Q: is there any clone AK74 with either solid poly, folding poly, or skeleton stock that doesn't have problems with the stock tangs snapping off? Seems like every single one is weak in that area, from the reviews I've read.
  11. That one is going to look awesome with some heavy wear...
  12. ^^Looks great! Is that a 2x red dot? Looks a tad bit larger than I'd expect.
  13. Post pics please! For something like this, it's probably good to have pics of it on as many faces as possible
  14. I'm going to take a guess here and say tape... those are some really sharp lines for anything else.
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