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  1. By all means man tell me how it works your the expert, spend some time on a military base then come back and talk. You'll learn that certain people dont give a *suitcase* about uniform regulations. Its all cool though im just givin ya a hard time, dont sweat it. If you were military youd understand that the whole branch rivalry is lighthearted at most, we bust each others balls about everything it never really gets personal.
  2. So I guess serving in the Marine Corps doesnt count? Well damn I must not know anything about what im talking about now.
  3. Tuck those boot laces in, Marines dont wear them out like the sloppy Army does. Get some boot bands and blouse the trousers properly. Other than that looks good.
  4. Wehrmacht54


  5. I disagree... I think the eotech is an excellent choice. Everyone and their mother has a frikken aimpoint on their M14. Something different is always good.
  6. Wehrmacht54

    1K club

    Wait...WHAT THE *fruitcage*? Why the hell did you put a guarder kit on a VFC AK, and the guarder kit doesnt even have the correct handguards.
  7. Oh man i want one of these so bad. Thanks for the excellent review, i'll keep it in mind if i make a purchase.
  8. Wehrmacht54

    Conan Obrien

    Me on the conan set
  9. Lookin good right there, add a scope and harris bipod and you will have it complete.
  10. There a little bit of play on the real deal too, though dunno how much your talking about.
  11. Nope, just sales and shipping.
  12. Dude I do believe you can remove that barrel extension too so your barrel doesnt stick out so far from the slide. (am i right that WA does this, or am i thinking of something different) (btw orange tips only apply to sales, it isnt illegal to remove the orange tips after purchase it just happens to be against forum rules to discuss it for whatever reasons)
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  14. Wehrmacht54

    jack bauer

    jack bauer
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