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    Battle for Breedland

    THE BATTLE FOR BREEDLAND Sunday, May 18th 2008, Apocalypse Paintball. (A T.F.D. Event) Located in Poynette, WI PLAYERS MUST BE 16 YOA OR OLDER TO ATTEND! Players must be pre-registered prior to the event. Registration will be available via an event web-site, to be opened at a later time. (Will keep you posted) THERE WILL BE NO WALK-ON PLAYERS ALOWED!!!! Night Games and camping available the night before. Players may begin to camp at 1700 Hrs. Night games will start at 1900 Hrs. Prize Raffle will be held. Event Cost: $50 (Yes, it costs more. So does Pyro. Our events are not cheep to put on, so they are not cheep to attend. That's kinda how it works) Registration: 0800 Hrs Chronograph: 0800 – 0930 Hrs Safety Brief: 0940 Hrs Begin Ex.: 1000 Hrs BACKSTORY: Breedland is poor and unremarkable town. Its people have always sought the assistance of larger, wealthier communities, just for their survival. Poverty has always been a way of life in Breedland and it has worn the patience of its surrounding territories thin. Sitting on the border between Casair and Domingo, it has been the dumping ground for both countries, which have a long history of denouncing ownership of the town, until now. Peace Corps personnel have made yet another trip to Breedland & again have tried to motivate its people to strive for more. While drilling wells, to try to reduce Breedland’s dependency on Domingo for drinking water, another discovery was made. OIL! Since the discovery, Cesair & Domingo have both claimed Breedland as their own. Domingo claims that it’s long standing agreement to provide water makes the area theirs, while Cesar leadership claims that Domingo has always been a territory of their country. Breedland has seen this as an insult. Both countries have always spit on their people. Breedland is now claiming its independence and filing for that status with the United Nations. Breedland leadership has taken a financial advance on its future oil earnings & with it; they have hired a small force of mercenaries to protect its independence. The stage is set for a show down and it looks like it will be a bloody one. Uniforms: Cesar Army - Woodland Cammo ONLY Domingo Army - 3-color Desert ONLY Eye Protection: Must be full seal and rated, per Apoc. 2008 insurance. More information to follow........................ In case anybody's wondering about the cost of the event...check this clip from the last TFD event. This will give you idea on what to expect in the future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSWGw6IkIvE

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