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  1. Hi Guys, ...I see quite a number of you purchased the PDW - several months have passed ...how have you found it? any problems or is it still running as well as it did when you first got it out of the box? Can we have some feedback from you...for those of us who have not bought one yet !!
  2. Hey App you've got some good stuff on there...impressive ...the Berget event looks BIG ...liked the ambient music to the Jim Gong G36C...lay back and njoy
  3. Hey Render - did you notice the singer is 'bonie' not bonnie tyler - I found that amusing aswell - at her age I dont think she'd like being called that
  4. ...Fence...interesting video... Funny moment with everyone behind that little truck...
  5. Titleist ....very good work...there were some really good load outs running around in there that you managed to capture... On another note watching the participants the old pro paintball addage '...gun up...gun up...' sprang to mind
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