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  1. not so much in the way of trades - but I love my Sigs! and an SP2340
  2. uh... bit confused. Has the rep point system gone away? I haven't posted for a few months, but I can't see other people's rep points at the mo? any ideas? am I mad, bad or confused?
  3. Maybe THATS why Havocs GOT "the" wrecked *albartroth*.
  4. yawn.. Guges- if you feel that badly about it, just give sledge one back in return... he's got enough in total to handle it, and he is a big boy now, who won't whine and whinge that you gave him an undeserved rep point (unlike some people I could mention)... I feel like giving him undeserved rep points all the time, just for a laugh. I wonder if that is the whole point of this thread though, that that is not the point. or is it? [/fortune cookie mode off] Or in simpler terms... Shut UP!
  5. methinks sledges fixation on orgasms is getting a little weird.
  6. what eric didn't realise was that his balls were directly in the firing line. Its what you call a mexican stand off.
  7. that, my friend, is a G&G and I believe I got it from Guns'n'guys. KWP.. how do you tell which one?
  8. an old pic- will try and mess with photoshop at some point with something or other edit, quick photoshop edit on the existing pic also attached. ok, b*llocks... I admit I do not know how to embed the pics in my post- how do I do that???
  9. from hogue in the usa. read the hogue thread, and theres a nice pic of my para ordnance with hogues too. the USP C is metal slide, customised hogue grip and internal upgrades- hefty little toy that got me a ridiculously good kill rate at arniegeddon. In one game, from two mags, I missed with one shot per mag. and what do you mean "that poor aug" ? I'll have you know that its extremely pampered. (both internally and externally... *wink*)
  10. I made it. It's still not finished- I need to clothe the grey bits in red silk as well. Started off life as a toolbox from B&Q. The foam was hard to find, belive it or not.
  11. neh... its an old photo- you gain some, you lose some. I sold on both huge hand canons from the pistols pic actually- the desert and the bull. But I did get a nice full metal para (elsewhere on arnies- think its on the hogue post) and I'm just about to get the full metal 1911 as well. plus, nother pic of the raging bull
  12. wow... 164 pages huh? my turn. of course, I don't have any decent pictures of my sniper rifle, or a couple of electrics, or a few more pistols. in the words of shaun of the dead.... "lots."
  13. wow.. I like it! how much ws the tac-light, and where the heck did you get it?
  14. no.. now I get this message at the top of the screen: THE FOLLOWING ERROR(S) WERE FOUND The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments. do I really have to delete some of my earlier uploaded images? and if so.. how do I do that? edit- I was trying to upload a 95kb jpeg thats about 150 x 200 or something tiny. another edit- I'd like to put some decent quality pics up on my sale threads as well, and am having no luck so far. edit again- Ok, I h
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