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  1. Drewlawson, I'm glad that scope worked out for you! It looks just as good on your SR as it did mine!
  2. That is just too cool. What a great setup Billy Bob!
  3. Castle Bravo that m249 is 90% of how I would do mine. I think it just needs a shorter barrel for my personal taste, but your look, coloring, and layout is perfect otherwise. Way to go!
  4. I'd be glad to, but all I do is a repeat of what Corvid and our fellow high speed "gurus" have been doing before me. In fact I happened to learn at almost the same time they did I don't want to take this thread off topic so you have a PM in bound!
  5. Just lol! Boy you're a feisty one, I'll give you that, but if you note your sarcasm it takes away from the value. Shall we take one more swing? I think so **Notice the use of smileys, I'm having fun and I hope you are too! I obviously noted TM piston and piston head to describe the fact that the guarder components would have been replaced. Thus my specific notation of said TM parts. Tada the answer is obvious! Let's see what else did you say...oh yes. I do like how you've just now noted, 7 posts later about the fact you have "Oh and by the way, I gave you one example of "bad casti
  6. Incorrect! How can you even say they are prone to bad casting when I just gave you 4 examples of GREAT casting? Are you even reading what you're typing? No I wouldn't have *suitcase* all over you, because we would be sharing the same opinion. However I would still have posted, though in that case to reinforce your point of their quality design. Also I obviously was posting on this review because it's a gearbox. You are reviewing a piece of material that is cast and sent down a line with thousands of the same item cast over and over. You sir, through that very post right there are proving
  7. Your review is biased and unbalanced. Thus your recommendation of not using a King Arms box is utter nonsense. To disprove my statement you would need to accomplish the following - 1 - You must review 3 more King Arms gearboxes and install the same components each time under the same test conditions. 2 - You must review those same 3 boxes(should they survive) under a high speed 400fps application to test not only strength under high stress, but also strength under high cyclic rate. To further my low opinion of your biased review is the following - 1 - I have now instal
  8. Ooo! Pretty shorty. Now put the suppressor on with the M203. Then it's perfect
  9. I know right! I just can't seem to find room anymore It's been painted with OD krylon a few times with different pouches on it each time. That's why it looks so uneven on certain pouches or areas. The first time it was sprayed I sprayed the entire rig, just took mags, comm gear, and patches off - then shot EVERYTHING in OD. It turned all the black off and all the brighter OD stitches down quite a bit. From there it's just been used quite often. I don't believe in artificial "wear" because you're not wearing anything, you're "painting it" with different materials and that's just n
  10. Figured I'd share mine since it's not something you see everyday. The hat and goggles are being retained by a carabiner, and the OD pouch opposite it is where I keep a full tool kit for working on the guns in the field. I hope someone else out there still uses HSGI, it's some really impressive gear and this piece has been with me for 4 years now of heavy skirmishing. I'd say she's more than paid for herself. 1st Line~ Cheapo belt BHI belt pad TAG dumper HSGI double mag pouch Cheapo Medic pouch TT Multi purpose utility 2nd Line~ HSGI weesatch BHI patch panel Ch
  11. You haven't offended me! I was serious when I mentioned your comments as constructive critism and I am very glad you put in your point of view. Ironically I had pictured you as a SPR grip or G27 style grip user the moment you posted. It's always the guys who like their finger grooves or thumb holders that don't like the MIAD at first. If you get a chance, try one out on a real AR first, they're much better than the AS version. Oh and about your contribution to the thread, that's very unique! I don't think anyone has the right to call it a frakengun per say, but it is very unique nonethele
  12. Ah! Some constructive critiscism. I'm curious though, how does it ruin the "form" of the armalite? Are you opposed to the idea that the palm support is contoured up against the reciever? Or maybe you're opposed to the longer, but more countoured design that allows a much firmer grip for people like me with longer fingers and short palms? Or maybe, just maybe, you're opposed to the color? Is it that odd that you would need it in black or OD? Please tell me how exactly it ruins the form because in 10 years of shooting real and airsoft rifles I've never ever held another grip that provide more st
  13. Thanks Ghost! Yeah I didn't even know he was taking that picture, I was too busy making sure those tan guys up on the hill didn't come any closer
  14. A few snap shots of myself there were taken by our team photographer at an event earlier this year...(I'm so glad he's our team photographer )
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