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  1. Yeah. Not to my tastes...There's a few in the portfolio that just don't float my boat.
  2. It's a one of my rarer, discontinued models- it's a Bob Lum Tanto with the harder to find PVD coating...It's a really nice knife. My favourites are probably the Police and the Civilian.
  3. I'll just leave this here- the collection as of Saturday
  4. Something a bit more pimpy.... KJW M1911a1 FMV with spalted cherrywood grips.... Me gusta.
  5. Revolvers you say? Tanaka goodness through and through: all with real wood grips (because it's just right for a wheelgun) From the left: M10 Midnight Blue finish SAA 5.5" Heavyweight detachable cylinder model M19 Heavyweight Python M49 Bodyguard M29 [/url]
  6. Nice finish on that wood...and is that N690 Bohler steel?
  7. That CZ's a thing of beauty
  8. Something a bit more racey than my normal wheelieguns....Tanaka M327 TRR8 with holosight and laser.
  9. Gas in grip makes me sad inside.....This'll be Marushin shooting at Inokatsu prices. Really, really needed a Tanaka PEGASUS system's 'guts' in that cylinder. Apart from that- Let's hope it's heavy enough to cosh-into-unconsciouness any weeaboo in the safezone who goes "OMFG- dats a Mateba jus' like Ghost In Dur Shell"
  10. I'll make it $10 for you. I'm feeling charitable.
  11. Colonial Marine, checking in..... Express elevator to hell: GOING DOWN!
  12. Some Tanaka porn, all with real wood Incidentally- if anyone has a Tanaka revolver they are interested in selling or trading, give me a shout
  13. Some Tanaka porn, all with real wood Incidentally- if anyone has a Tanaka revolver they are interested in selling or trading, give me a shout
  14. Marine Force Recon- circa 1971.... And a cheesy shot with the m49 snubbie Kit List: ERDL flower-powers Nomex gloves (It was 2oC. Sue me!) OD towel Jungle boots with dogtag M61 belt set for M14 NVA Indig' rucksack Airstrike panel Claymore satchel Hardwear: Cyma M14 with some fine-*albatross* proper wood. Tanaka M49 Snubbie on a 'dummy cord' Coupla Smokes Coupla Baseball frags. Et voila!
  15. A couple of little things I picked up recently for the Spyderco collection Sante Fe Stoneworks Delica...Malachite and Mother Of Pearl Bob Lum Tanto Folder with DLC coated blade
  16. Belt rigs you say?...I got your proper beltrigs right here, bub! My various 'Nam webgear sets- ALL original,dated issue kit- no repro tat .... Heavy Classic 'Infantry' Loadout- set up for the maximum amount of M16 mags and water....If you've seen me skirmish or at Beltring over the last 7-8 years, this is probably what I was toting, plus a bandolier or two for the original 21 magazines your average line grunt would carry. 2 Light Advisor loadouts- upper one is the one I use with most things that aren't 'Line Infantry'. Lower one is the super stripped down belt order for my M10 .38 revol
  17. Little something I finished before Christmas. Because shooting an M14 with a plastic stock is like trying to eat a chocolate bar with the wrapper still on
  18. My pleasure.... I get a bit bored with people stating 'it's failed cuz its poor quality' without any qualification or analysis.
  19. Going back to nozzle failures earlier in the thread: That looks like a brittle failure, rather than an overstressed failure, judging* by the shell-shaped tide marks in the failure face on the pictures shown. This is an injection moulded part- Understand that an injection mould will have 3-50 part spaces in each tool, so a single 'shot' produces as many as possible. It's most likely that there are 10 or so nozzles in each shot. If the tool is poorly designed and/or process controls aren't being adhered to, you often get the part-mould furthest from the shot being poorly cast- The pla
  20. While I haven't done it myself, it would make sense: the old shells have a step in them that's narrower than the new 'bullet' shaped X-cart front end
  21. It's a Gerber Mk2. Popular with SOG, James Cameron and The Punisher to name a few
  22. That looks there very newest post-2008 'Remix' one with the 420HC steel and a different blade profile to the original. Still a rock-solid knife though.
  23. http://militarycarryknives.com/Knives.htm Complete database there.
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