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  1. That is just Rsov being dumb. And funny thing is that Cyma wood is better.
  2. It looks more like he just put pvc tube over barrel, not flash hider ; you should do same thing. What thing? All I ever said was that I do not like those weird AK and stated reason why. Not like I care about what other people like; because if they did not, I would run out of things to point/laugh at.
  3. I do not see how not caring about details on AK has anything to do with SVD... Especially when this SVD cloned RealSword on externals; real problem is material. ...And that horrible overpriced wood.
  4. WE trolled players; Even "collector" version with steel receiver will NOT have steel barrel; all other parts are same as aluminum receiver version(which means still many potmetal parts). They are looking to release a "ultimate" edition.
  5. I am not saying anyone is vastly inferior as person for owning weird AK. I am just saying it does not make sense to me to get all accesories made for AR15(and probably cost more than base gun) and put them onto AK. I am pretty sure even FSB do not go full-magpull.
  6. It is not life-and-death in airsoft so whatever functionality added is not significant anyway. And in airsoft internals are mostly same between AK and M4; if AK does not work for someone...why AK in first place?
  7. You need charging handle on LEFT side. XD I love Stalker the game for many reasons but gun model is not one of those reasons.
  8. They are easy to find on Red-Alliance. Just search for UMBTS-compatible SVD pouch for 6sh112 $18 each not including shipping. http://www.red-alliance.net/forum/index.php?topic=14941.0
  9. Gas rod is not simulated; it just happens to get pushed forward by force of bolt returning. WE krapwood is going to be krap. Spending $100 extra for it is just outrageous. Trigger box(the thing trigger guard is connected to) and top cover takedown latch should also be steel or WE is more retarded than I thought. On tons of realsteel AK and SVD furnitures i have seen, none of them look as plastic as WE. And I doubt some sandpaper and refinishing techinique will make wood laminated. Imo, only realsteel furniture that is worse than WE is Bulgarian solid wood, and those still loo
  10. My favorite thread explaining how great KWA is: http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.php/topic,4872.0.html
  11. You see, if there is to exist a proper SKS picture thread... You would have to begin mass production of SKS body kits. And then they will be fitted with bad American-made accesories such as cheap plastic stock(with pistol grip) and "CHEAP PLASTIC MAGAZINE THAT FEEDS CARTRIDGE LIKE CONSTANTLY JAMMING PEZ CANDY BOX" and then "LARGE MOUND FORMS OVER SIMONOV'S GRAVE BY CONSTANT TUMBLING OF HIS ANGRY CORPSE." (Ivan Chesnokov) And still not hit largest side of barn at hick party. No doubt due to influence of Battlefield3.
  12. If you are talking about that guy with user name misha on R-A. He does not frequent R-A much anymore and he sold most, if not all, his Russian stuff; now he is doing battlefield journalist impression. I still remember one night when he went on a solo recon mission then later that night came back to help us against capitalist night attack...then walked off with two prisoners. When you talk to him IRL, even though at that Op:EastWind(V) his character is a very-angry praporshik of some sort, he is a nice person. I say that after living in Soviet camp for nine days even after he called my
  13. Cheaper than Dirt is a great place which usually get bits and pieces of Eastern-Bloc militaria on sale for very cheap price; I recall buying my East German bayonet and Esbit stove there.
  14. You see, when I look at "My Eyes they BLEED" thread I know I can find many ugly AK(railed or with "designer" furnitures) to point and laugh at, with other comrades who share same view. I am not sure what to expect every time I open this thread. Is like watching Family Guy; never knowing if next joke is going to be funny or be extremely boring and takes a lot of screen time. You have problem with criticism of rail on AK? Well you posted pictures... My first gun was JG M4 but I never post picture of that on Red-Alliance; same thing, you post picture that someone might not like, there wil
  15. Sure, I rather be insane if such a normal you would consider Neo-Nazi not-wrong...(large mounds of dirt build up in graves of soldiers who fought in Great Patriotic War due to tumbling in grave; because their grandsons love Nazi)
  16. No, you misunderstand. Saying railed-up AK is inferior is just based on pure looks(which most look like s**t and I am not joining religion of magpul). Mostly I laugh at completely unnecessary rails that mounts...absolutely nothing. It is okay to have rails if you actually have stuff that you want to mount onto it; but as far as I can tell from all those empty rail spaces(such as upper handguard rail with nothing on it)...it is mostly done for "cool" factor that does not really exist. I find it funny people of world criticizes Russians on making everything backwards/no sense while
  17. Arnies' AK picture thread is quickly turning into: My Eyes They BLEED thread of Red-Alliance.
  18. You see that is a Mp5k with AK parts and M4 parts slapped on, nothing to see here.
  19. I see that price tag and Cyma being same. Cyma has laminated wood that looks pretty correct(if you ignore quality). I think Echo1 is s**t for releasing a SVD at same price but with incorrect polymer furniture(in same shape as wood furniture, which is not what real one is like as everyone knows). I have a CYMA(same internal as Echo1) and RealSword, by the way. Cyma motor is...better... Rest of internals, RealSword wins aside from piston. Anyway, get CYMA...not overpriced s**t like Echo1.
  20. adadqgg


    I do not think entire country thinks Russia invaded Georgia in southeast U.S. when in fact they defended themselves from Georgians of a different Georgia.
  21. adadqgg


    Russia invaded Georgia in 2008. Rednecks in southern U.S. are ready.
  22. I know someone who has it and he put a daytona gun kit into it, it is full steel version minus aluminum barrel.
  23. There is no SVD picture thread for whatever reason. I thought RealSword sold Swords; but apparently they also sold Polearms. Also, this thread need more bayonets.
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