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  1. I'm telling you, and you wont get to use the laptop ta don't use the data serves on the equipment, our equipment on landies wont have it and we are not trained on it. I'm telling you your not meant to use clansman its bowman all the way now. I'm not going to argue any more I've said whats true and thats that get back on topic would be a good idea about now. no further comments on this subject from me. thank you
  2. all clansman equipment even ta should of been recalled and shouldn't be used it is no longer taught and is (should) no longer be used I know a few ta units still use them but they shouldn't all ta units now have been issued at least one bowman piece of equipment and 1000 new landies are on the way fitted with bowman and the lowest piece of bowman equipment is the prc 354.
  3. I wasn't making a comment about your picture I was making a comment on the bergan people wanted to buy. I'm not saying you didn't carry around a radio. I was telling people about the current gear in use in case they wanted to buy some thing that does exist rather than the non existent prc 351
  4. *complete edit save me the bergan is not like a patrol sack and is more specialized to be honest unless you have the system its a waste of time getting the pack as it is fitted for that purpose just get a northern island patrol bergan instead. there is no such thing as prc351 just to let you know too. also clansman is not not used any where or shouldn't be so if you want a modern look don't buy clansman stuff. just a tip.
  5. its not attached to the front sling hoop the front sling hoop isn't even on the rifle. plus you would have to remove the black nasty. From what I can see at you picture the sling goes from rear sling loop around mag holder and the is tied off with black nasty. but as stated it's down to preference but most units tend to like the slings on or off not inbetween as long as you get on all right with it it doesn't matter.
  6. I find them easier to use on exercise more than the ties the ties come undone more often and get caught the twisties keep it all neat but its all down to preference the down side is if you take em off you damn well can't find em.. And even if some one was in the infantry for 9 years his ways might be out of the window, tactics and methods change often and most people take there sling off rather than have it on there because the point in a sling is some one can't nab your weapon. But its all down to preference I was telling you current methods.
  7. Twisties ftw! and if your not going to use your sling properly don't use it what so ever. and would it kill you to put some polish on them boots look after your boots and your boots will look after you.
  8. Sniper tape, CBRN boot or tubes work but to be honest you only need them if its a loose cover or your going for the ally look.
  9. might want to lower the inner tube or what ever it is as if you wanted to use camoflage on your helmet you couldn't as you've covered most of the bits you use for that.
  10. Desert hawk is a blast if you wanted to do that get attached to infantry regt I've got a friend who swamped over he seems okay you will be fine. at least you don't have to do 7 week ends only 4 now for b weekends
  11. Congrats on joining the artillery you've just joined some of the best people your going to meet! Though we won't get bayonets just to clear up a post earlier I saw. If you are still in training you can carry the training on in airsoft like doing 11 point checks etc. and it will help your TA carrier. Wash your kit on a high temp if you want it to fade but it will come over time any how..wait till you go on tour .. if you want a giggle go ask a infanteer what a bayonet is for.. As long as you find that firing position comfortable.
  12. Grim there is a reason the cheek rest is on one side its built to be a right handed weapon the way you hold it you would get a nice load of empty casings in your face. learn to use it right handed takes some practice but it will be a lot more comfortable( plus you won't get your mic going up into your nose). Presumably you have a susat for that as your missing a front foresight. Darkchild your right they do tend just to get dirty looks and thought of as a bit odd but tend to be left to there own devices though when they are found up on Brecon area they do get some even weired looks as
  13. since when have 99% of soldiers been on here?
  14. you have a very odd webbing belt it should be a clip thing meh oh well do you have a small waist because there are not many pouches on there.. you could try a hippo pad to bulk your self up a bit.. if your going for infantry loadout (I presume so if your getting bayonet and have two ammo pouches) I'd also recommend a sandbag they always seem to have one and they always seem to find a bloomin use for em.. Good luck.
  15. I presume the tape is on front to hold the fore grip together the screw should do that (make sure its tight) the reason the sling looks dodgy is the front fore grip section should be neat aside from that sling looks to be done right looks like the cocking handle is not fully forward too but I doubt that really matters. aside from that looks fine not sure what kind of suggestions you would really want its a rifle not much you can do with it really..take it to bed with you and show it a good time? do you mean these cadet rifles? The are evil from what i've been told. look like
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