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  1. For the TM 1911? Pretty much all the major HK stores, Guarder make the kit.
  2. But the Guarder kit is good enough for the money if you dont want to spend the extra on the PGC due to Render's reason?
  3. The KJW and (new version) HFC are the clones of the TM, the KSC/KWA P226 is a completely different design, about the only thing that will be cross-compatable (sp) is the recoil spring.
  4. Thats the Guarder Springfield kit right? How does it compare to the PGC 1911 kit? cheers
  5. PGC is putting the P226 kits back into production soon, BoomArms say they will be available September, RW confirmed they were being re-released but couldnt give a release date.
  6. Although there is full metal (out of box) KSC 1911's now available, so its likely the same will happen for the P226 (first metal release for 1911 was just metal slide, then a little while later a full metal version was released).
  7. Seconded. What metal kit is it, and have you done anything to it or is it the flash/lighting that gives it such a cool grey look? cheers
  8. See here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...opic=117121&hl= I'm going to wait for someone to review it and confirm wether it is a 100% Marui clone or has a different design which carries the problems mentioned on Airsoft Pacific. There's certainly conflicting reports between that user and RW, so im wary of taking the plunge. cheers
  9. I cant help you on that im afraid, I never got round to fitting it. The finnish was too shiny for my liking so i ended up getting a Guarder kit instead.
  10. @ Davedawg123 - Definately seems like an Action kit, i only have the frame, but it has the same serial number and vertical screw.
  11. HFC P226 has been released on RedWolf: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=23026 If its as good as their M190 series, with the addition of an adjustable hop up (the only thing that let their M190's down IMO) this could be a very effective, full metal skirmishable side arm. Especially as it is ~$20 cheaper than KJW's offering and HFC has much better QC and lower lemon rates. I've emailed RW to see if it is a rebranded KJW (would be suprised if it is). If it isn't i will be very tempted to get it and do a comparison with the TM.
  12. maybe he means Audi car parts are expensive in the US?
  13. Very, VERY nice. Have you got a pic with the stock unfolded? cheers
  14. ^^^ I'd also be very interested to know if all the problems reported above are solely with the original version. This looks like a very tempting option for my next pistol if the aforementioned problems have been rectified in the newer HK version. cheers
  15. -------------------------------- I would have thought a recoil spring for a Tanaka or TM P226 would fit. RE: metal frame being released. Hasnt there been something of a tendency for KSC/KWA/'Taiwan' to release only metal slides for their pistols, and not lower frames as well? Examples off the top of my head are the M93r, M9, M92 Elite and M945. On the flip side, however, one of their latest releases, the 1911, has recently had a full metal edition made by KSC, see here, so there could be a lower frame produced by KSC, if not by an aftermarket manafacturer such as SD.
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